February 28, 2021

Your Guide to a Healthy Thanksgiving!

The season of temptation has arrived peeps!!! And for those of us who want to indulge but still not have that guilt of eating too much I have for y’all some useful tips that will lead your way into a healthy Thanksgiving and holyday season celebrations! So pay attention!

healthy tips for the holydays

A study showed the average person puts on at least a pound during the holidays and never loses it and did you know over the years this can add up to some serious weight gain for people.

So this is why we have put together some tips to help you fight against all that extra pounds you don’t need! Remember when trying to maintain healthy weight is important to control the food amounts you put in so keep in mind this healthy advice through out the holidays and you can star today on Thanksgiving day!! Let me know how you did and good luck.

1. Avoid the skin of the turkey. Skin has saturated fat and contributes to high cholesterol; to achieve this you might want to grab yourself some of that turkey breast or other white meat without the skin.

2. Don’t use butter in stuffing. Avoid adding butter to your stuffing and instead you could cook with low-sodium chicken broth.

3. Use low fat milk for mashed potatoes. Try to avoid butter and salt.

4. Control portion size on desert. If you just can’t help to avoid that apple pie just serve yourself a small piece and no second are allowed! Also avoid to eat the crust!

5. Eat veggies as appetizers. Opt for the chilled shrimps, veggies or fresh fruit instead of all the deep fried entries.

6. Make a low calorie egg nog. Try to use low fat skim milk and honey!

7. Control alcohol portion. If you are going to drink take small sips!

8. Plan a healthy activity the day before, the day of and the day after. You could get together with family and go for a nice walk or play a sport! Remember the important thing here is to keep your metabolism going during all those days of heavy eating!

Hope this are useful they really do work so give them a try!