February 28, 2021

Beth Franklin UFC Rich Franklin’s wife

Former teacher Beth Franklin is the hot wife of former UFC Middleweight Champion. Who is expected to return to the division against Cun Le on November 10, 2012 at UFC.

UFC’s “go to fighter”: Rich Franklin will add another country to his passport with his upcoming fight in Macau, China. I wonder if sexy wife travels with him to every event?? Well perhaps not to every single one but this one is very special since the 38 year old fighter is thinking about making another tittle  run before he retires!

But let’s stop the yapping about Rich and concentrate on stunning wife Beth. She used to teach English and she did it for 9 years! But now she is not only an MMA wife but has real future in fitness modeling!

She was born and raised in Cincinnati OH.  She graduated from Harrison High School and she got her Masters degree from the University of Cincinnati. She and hubby Rich met while they were in high school but started dating once they entered college. She admitted the looks of her husband was what seal the deal since back in high school he used to weight 155 lbs but later he looked a lot different she said! They’ve been married for nine years now.

During an interview she reveals one of the hardest parts of being married to someone that makes a living as a fighter is that everyone wants time with her husband as she feels like this must be one of the busiest carriers any one can have; from all the traveling, presentations, seminars and son on! Very interesting to think about the life behind all the popularity wouldn’t you say!? And she is right she must feel like she has to share him with everyone and although she admits its hard she remembers thanks to the fans her husband is so popular and getting to meet him must be the highlight of their day so “I can’t complain” she says.

I’m sure a routine of her own must keep her busy as well as she is looking great and even has competed in several modeling events in Cincinnati, and you wont’ believe she even wasn’t athletic but after high school she started her kickboxing classes and did it for almost 5 years..you have to start somewhere right! And look at the results now! What a great job she has done!

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