February 25, 2021

Holly Madison Weight Loss Secrets Revealed! (Before and After Photos)

What’s Holly Madison weight loss Secrets that enable her to wear tight dress just 2 months after she gave birth to Rainbow? See Holly Madison, this 33 year old mother looks so gorgeous in her tight printed silk mini dress!

holly-madison-weight loss

Holly Madison Weight Loss (pic from Splash)

holly-madison-weight loss before

Holly Madison Weight Loss before photo

Before the “real weight loss”, Holly Madison also had her quick ways for “pounds disappear”, she once shared her little tips to hide the leftover preggo belly when she walked the red carpet.

“Combine all my favorite slimming tips: a high waist, a flared skirt, and a wide belt. Put those elements in your outfit (Spanx don’t hurt either!) and the pounds disappear for the night!”

Click the following images to further check the waist slim belts!


But still she wants to get back to her pre-pregnancy weight of 110 pounds, which means she needs to lose 40 pounds! Then, one month later, she showed her amazing post-baby body in a printed silk mini dress at a celebration in Las Vegas.

This time Holly Madison was very confident of her body and shared her weight loss secrets! It seems Holly Madison is really smart to choose the the following exercise that works best to burn fat and not that intense.

“We’re putting a gym in our house, so I’ll be doing yoga, Pilates and cardio”

Besides pilates and yoga, Holly also adopted a low-carb diet in a healthy way.

I adopt a low-carb diet, replacing bagels with protein bars and fruit, and fast food with grilled chicken and avocado.

It works, just within 1 month, Holly Madison lost weight and seems back to her pre-pregnancy weight!