January 17, 2021

How to get that Perfect Perky butt!!

What part of the female body calls more attention, I mean male attention? that depends we have the kind of men who are all into the breasts but a large percent of men said they are A-Men.

Perfect Perky butt

While some women might be interested  in defying gravity  with their buttocks to get the male attention, others might be more interested in getting that perfect perky butt for their own satisfaction, what ever the reason is, we are going to give you a few pointers that will mage a huge difference to your derriere.

In my own personal experience, I found that the gym routine the gluteus are not that much fun, that was until I tried different things in and out the gym.

First I began by getting to know the muscles in my butt that I was targeting.  Our  butts have three different groups of muscles, first and second we have the gluteus minimus and medius (these are used in the internal rotation of your thighs and are located on the sides of your hips), and the third group are the gluteus maximus, their name makes it clear these are the largest of the three and also the strongest muscle in our bodies, their job is to help you abduct and adduct your leg as well during the hip’s outward rotation and extension. And yes these are the group that you need to work harder


I learn that to rediscover the muscles in my gluteus we need to get rid of the fats covering our butt, cellulite, sagging skin can get an upgrade by doing some cardio, weight lifting and pay attention to the amount of calories you take every day, and yes I am talking about the calorie restriction diet which will not make you live longer in case you heard about that, but will improve your health, your appearance and your energy significantly.

So the exercise routine that will butt you up outside the gym are step climbing, cycling and running-up slopes, these are work perfectly for shaping, these can also be done using a treadmill with elevation and a stair climber and a stationary bicycle, but I found that doing it outdoors made me want to do more, I don’t know blame it on the different scenario or if you are a Rocky fan.

cyclingstep climbingrunning up slopes

At the gym you will take care of shaping your butt with the help of lunges, dead lifts, good mornings with a barbell, kick backs, walking high knee and squats.

dead liftlungesbridge exercisegood morninng excersisesquatswalking high kneekick back