January 28, 2021

Jessica Alba Workout Routine

What’s Jessica Alba workout routine to get a jaw-dropping amazing shape in Sin City 2? For Jessica Alba in that film, according to dance instructor and personal trainer Jennifer ‘JJ Dancer” Johnson, it took her a lot of hard work. All of Alba’s dance sequences in the movie were choreographed by Johnson and she also aided her up the sensuality of the film. The fitness pro was taken one-on-one so as to steal a few of her secrets.Jessica Alba Workout Routine

Jessica Alba’s dance cardio routine

A few months before the shooting of the film, they staeted with her method of dance cardio before gradually focusing on Alba’s dance moves. There are five shorter and two big routines in the film, all hard-hitting, very edgy as well as animalistic. They were training for 4-5 times a week for a couple of hours each day. It was so on by Jessica. Until the day they shot, the routines were changing all the time. The moves as well as the music all were picked by them together and once they were finishes, one would have thought that she was actually a pro dancer.

Workout sessions

There was a lot of sweating and body pumping. The sessions typically ran from 60-90 minutes. There would be hip-hop dancing, booty shaking, leaps, turning and a lot of sweating one’s butt off in the first half hour. Once one would start sweating, using bands, they would go into arms- one of her favorite equipment pieces. One would be worn out by them in the first ten minutes. Some light weights would be picked up by them then and for some intense booty and leg workout they would move onto the mat with a barre. She either uses no equipment at all or a lot of it- each work out is fresh so that one can work on all their tiny muscles that make up a long, amazing, lean as well as beautiful dancer’s body. The work out would be ended by them with abs work on the ball or the floor.

Her body is loved by Jessica the most when she is dancing. This has been mentioned to her by other people even. It got her tightened up even more. She takes amazing care of herself and eats well but with all the muscular work that they did, her booty and abs got perkier, stronger and tighter.

Sample mini workouts

The quads, core, glutes and the hamstrings are worked by the sample mini workouts with an emphasis on the outer hips as well as thighs. The moves should be done ideally while wearing heels (one should get their sexy on just as Jessica in Sin City). Though if this is too much of a challenge, then one should try the exercises in their sneakers. Holding on to a piece of furniture like a chair for balance, trying the routine with a pair of sturdy heels on would be the next step. One should let go and go for it once they feel secure with that.

How it works: One would have to do each exercise in order

They would need: Heels (optional)

Winding squats

Sets: one

Reps: Three

One would have to stand with their feet apart shoulder-width as well as slightly turned around. They would then have to make 3 clockwise circles with their hips while lowering to a squat gradually. For 3 seconds they’d have to hold the squat. Rising up, one would have to make 3 clockwise circles with their hips. For rep 1, one has to repeat making circles that are clockwise.

Booty Pop Squat

Sets: Three

Rep: Twenty Five

One would have to get in a deep plie squat with their feet turned out and their knees over their heels directly. They would then have to press their knees back in a pulsing motion while maintain the squat.

Walking Lunges

Sets: Two

Reps: Twenty

One has to stand tall and step their right foot forward while simultaneously lifting themselves up on the ball of their left foot. They would have to keep their shoulders back, bend their knees and drop their hips towards the floor without letting their left knee touch the floor. Then they’d have to press up with their right foot and step their left foot forward. For one rep, they’d have to repeat while stepping forward with their left leg. (One can take their time with this one. They can choose to use weights to do this one or they can just put their hands on their hips).