February 28, 2021

Justin Bieber Workout & Bodybuilding Routine and Diet Plan from 2011 to 2013

Justin Bieber’s workout & bodybuilding routine and diet plan revealed! Bieber, 5-foot-7 famous singer recently shared his Instagram photo which flaunts his six-pack abs and bulging biceps and his personal trainer Patrick Nilsson stands next to him. In fact, although Justin good at sports, even named the Most Valuable Playerat the NBA’s All-Star Celebrity basketball in 2011, Bieber was missing big muscles and ripped six pack abs. That’s why he hired personal trainer for several years and achieved results that he is very satisfied with.

Justin Bieber Workout & Bodybuilding Routine and Diet Plan from 2011 to 2013

Justin Bieber Workout & Bodybuilding Routine 2011

Back in 2011, Tyrell Ogloff revealed Justin Bieber’s workout routine. As a club member, he saw Justin worked on as early as 7:30 a.m.

“Justin was definitely on a mission to pump up,” “He was on the treadmill for about 30 minutes working up a sweat and then he went to the free weights to lift.

He always revealed the weight of Justin Bieber can bench:

“he’s pretty small but can pump a lot! He benched 120 pounds for his chest and did about 400 crunches and sit-ups to build his core. He’s in really good shape.

Justin Bieber Workout & Bodybuilding Routine 2012

Justin Bieber began to do boxing training and jogging besides his weight lifting workout routine. He workout lasts for 15 to 20 minutes. His workout routine includes the following sessions.

  • Weight training workouts: this session including strength training such as Squat followed by shoulder press training.
  • Cardio training for 3 or 4 times per week.
  • High intensity interval training (HIIT) regimen.
  • Treadmill for about half an hour.

Justin Bieber Workout & Bodybuilding Routine 2013

Now you can see from his Instagram photo below that the 19-year-old, 137-pound frame singer certainly had taken his fitness regime more seriously and confident about his bulging biceps and sharp six-pack. Nilsson, the 29 year old guy standing next to Justin, a bachelor in kinesiology, he trained bieber since 2012.

Justin Bieber Workout aim

Justin Bieber’s workout aim is to get impressive chest and arms. his legs were in much better shape than his upper body because of his intense on-stage routines

“We all want impressive chest and arms,” Bieber told Newsday.Shaping the Canadian-born pop star’s upper-body is a priority.

“Reaching perfection. [But] I’ve reached perfection, so it’s all about maintaining now.” – Bieber

“His chest and shoulders — we need to build those up,” “It’s all about looks.” – Nilsson

“I want him to look like Marky Mark,”  “I feel like this is what he needs to get where he wants to be. He’s definitely leaner and a lot stronger.” –  Nilsson

Justin Bieber Workout regime

Justin Bieber Workout 2013 regime designed by Patrick Nilsson includes the following features

  • Justin Bieber’s workout regime is a strict 40 minutes per section, five-days-a-week training program.
  • Involve compound movements which can train multi- muscle groups at one time. Which he called  “meat and potato exercises”
  • The exercises include 12 total sets per body part, four sets per exercise, with 8-12 repetitions per set.
  • Chest and biceps workout including barbell flat and incline bench presses, burnout flys and push-ups, biceps exercises in-between each chest routine. This is a weekly combo session Bieber favored much and called it a “fun day.”

“It’s a fun day,” Bieber said. “Who doesn’t like working out chest and biceps?” – Bieber

  • Leg training: The leg training Bieber favors are plyometrics, leg press and lunges. Nilsson’s futher plan is to add deadlifts into Bieber’s routine.
  • Back training includes intense combination workout of cable or dumbbell rows, dumbbell shrugs and multi-grip pull-ups, and do triceps extension sometimes. Other back training includes weighted dips, skull crushers and a close-grip bench press.
  • Shoulders training includes barbell or dumbbell military press, dumbbell lateral raises and reverse flys.
  • Abdominal core training includes a combination workouts in which Bieber favors Roman Chair leg raises which are combo training of front/side crunches and twisting leg raises.
  • Nilsson sometimes limit Bieber’s auxiliary aerobic work to prevent from fatigue and caloric expenditure during Bieber’s on-stage performance period.

“We don’t do a lot of cardio work because of his routines,” Nilsson continued, “and I want to put some size on him. His cardiac output is so high already.”

Justin Bieber Diet Plan

Justin is strictly following his diet plan. He knows that diet has more contribution than workout to achieve a great body posture and shape. Some points he keeps in mind are –

  • Drinks lot of water.
  • Eat whole grain food rather than refined products.
  • Have small regular meals throughout the day.
  • Eat fresh fruits rather than their juice.

Though he recently turned vegan and so he didn’t eat any dairy product or non-veg. He was out with his friends and he was begged from his friends to eat a piece of steak. But, being a vegan, he ordered tofu steak and tempeh tacos. He was such a brat as he extracted everyone’s attraction when he made gagging noises and spitted the food. He is suggested to quit his habit, even by his girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber bodybuilding diet  suggested by  Jordan Yuam that helped him build lean muscle

  • Cook healthy food in olive oil
  • Eat 4 to 6 small meals daily with balanced recipes.
  • Give up junk foods, fast foods, processed food and other high calorie, low nutrient snacks and meals
  • Do not take white or refined foods.
  •  Keep well-hydrated by drinking lots of water and green tea which also removes toxins from the body.
  • Eat fresh fruits and food
  • Drink lots of protein shakes

Now his trainer Nilsson seems not so strict with his diet

“It’s more about making sure he eats,”  “He’s the only client I allow to have McDonald’s whenever he wants. But he also likes chicken breast, whitefish, salmon, turkey, steak, rice, mashed and regular potatoes and weird greens like cauliflower.” – Nilsson