February 28, 2021

Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss: Try Hoopnotica Hula Hoop!

One of Kelly Osbourne weight loss secrets are Hoopnotica hula hooping that enables her to lose weight for as high as 70 pounds. It seems so unbelivable but makes sense, as Hoopnotica hula hoop can burn up to 600 calories one hour. It means you even don’t need to starve yourself for weight loss!

Kelly-Osbourne-weight loss

“I have a Hoopnotica hula hoop, I use it every day, and it’s made my back and arms stronger, and my waist has gone down 2 inches! On Saturday nights my friends and I put on ridiculous outfits and hula-hoop.” – Kelly Osbourne to Shape magazine

It’s also much easy to try hoopnotica hula hoop at home! In fact, effective hoopnotica hula hoop can not only help you lose belly weight, but help you to gain curves too! It’s quite necessary to follow the scientific hoopnotica hula hoop DVD courses for more quicker and healthier weight loss.

Certified Hoopnotica instructor Jackie Hesley told ABC News

“The moves incorporate cardio and strength training. You tighten up the sides of your body and you tighten up your center or your hips or your legs.” – Jackie Hesley

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