January 25, 2021

Naomi Campbell and Jenny McCarthy-Hot,Slim Celebrities Bodies at 40

Some women might thing that by the time they reach 40, they won’t be sexy anymore, well Naomi Campbell and Jenny McCarthy are in the 40 and they are even sexier than they were in the 20’s.

What don’t believe me well you need to see their incredible bikini bodies, I wonder what is their diet, trainer and fitness program, I so want to look like them you?

42-year-old Supermodel Naomi Campbell is for me of the sexiest models in the fashion industry, her body still looks are fit, lean and toned and definitely hot. Naomi showed off her sexy body in a two blue piece bikini in Ibiza, I just love Naomi’s tone buttocks!!

Naomi said she had no qualms about getting old, and why would she when she looks like that. Naomi and her businessman boyfriend Vladislav Doronin have been dating since 2010.

Now we have 30-year-old Jenny McCarthy, still not 40, but 30 she will be on November 1st. Jenny a former Playboy model, recently posed for the famous gentlemen magazine, showing the world that she still is and feels very sexy by stripping from her clothes once again for Playboy, It was because of her latest Playboy cover that Jenny began an intensive workout, healthy diet and well you can see the results for yourself. Did you see her toned legs? and those abs. Jenny’ McCarthy’s workout regime includes Yoga, she is not the kind of her who takes on a diet, so when she needs to be fit, she drinks lots of soup. Jenny is currently dating Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher.

Probably you once heard Victoria’s secret model Adriana Lima said that in the few weeks that lead up to the annual Victoria’s Secret runway event she goes on a liquid diet and workout twice a day. maybe a little too drastic, sure you body can handle that when you are 20, but don’t think those harsh weigh loss regimes won’t have consequences in the future.

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