February 25, 2021

Nicole Winhoffer Revealed Madonna Workout Secrets For Lifted Butt in a Week!

Nicole Winhoffer, Madonna’s personal trainer for 3 and half years, revealed “Madonna Workout Secrets” for lifted and contracted butt, preparing for the red carpet.

To make the workout interesting, Nicole Winhoffer changed the workout programs each week. Nicole designed the butt-specific workout for Madonna and trained her a week before Met Gala event. The sessions are aimed to burn fat at butt and to get tight skin.

madonna_workout secret

We put the muscles under fatigue so that it could create a shape. The body is like a sculpture, and we spent a lot of time sculpting the legs and the butt. But we work out six days a week, for about an hour and a half at noon in her home gym, so we’re always on top of it. She’s my most dedicated client. – Nicole Winhoffer

Madonna Workout routine

Nicole Winhoffer workout

Nicole Winhoffer
Keep the room temperature at about 85 degrees, humid so it would be more easy to sweat.
Workout sessions:
  • Warm-up session: 10 to 15 moves including 3 specific muscles of the derriere, and I made sure they were fired during the warm-up
  • Toning session: legs and inner thighs exercises, for 45 minutes each day
  • Cardio session: cardio exercises for 35 minutes.
Hard point:
The workout is butt-specific but it’s not easy for Madonna’s body to respond to the workout because “she’s so strong and has so much endurance already”, so to make her feel the exercises, Nicole designed special positions even very odd ones to make the workout work for her butt.
We’ll be hanging from the ceiling, dangling from ropes, or on ballet bars. Because she’s been working out for so long.
Madonna’s Workout motivation
Nicole Winhoffer revealed that Madonna’s workout motivation is music because the music rhythm helped to dictate the workout.
She’s super-focused when there’s good music playing.
Madonna workout music playlists

For slower toning and a lower BPM – old-school R&B

  • Missy Elliot
  • old Jay-Z
  • Frank Ocean
  • Chris Brown
  • Rihanna

Higher BPM – remixes

  • Remixed Christina Aguilera
  • Remixed Britney

It’s good to change it up, keep the imagination and brain working, and keep her body inspired.

Madonna and Nicole Winhoffer, also the trainer of Andrea Riseborough and Abbie Cornish, have co-founded the Hard Candy Fitness brand, which includes a series of DVDs called “Addicted to Sweat.”