February 26, 2021

Seager Marie McCullah is UFC Carlos Condit’s Wife

Sexy personal trainer Seager Marie, is always at her husband’s side, and November 17th fight sure wont be the exception! Let’s take a closer look at MMA fighter Carlos Condit’s wife.

sexy seager condit

I bet you are eager to watch the upcoming fight between St-Pierre vs. Condit but not we want to focus our attention on Carlos “Natural Born Killer” Condit’s beautiful wife; she is Seager Marie formerly McCullah now Condit.

They are long time boy and girl and tied the knot in December 2010 welcoming their first child, a baby boy named Owen in March 2010.

Seager Marie is definitely living proof that there are some hot women in MMA. She is a personal trainer, teaches boxing and she used to train MMA! That is actually how she met her husband back in 2005. They cross paths at a gym where she was training and Carlos was teaching kickboxing! These two are certainly made for each other! Wow what a combo! She even said during an interview “I haven’t been able to get rid of him since” Talking about how they used to spent a lot of time hanging out with the guys from the gym; one of this guys was her brother who, was actually the one who introduce her into MMA world and she just loved it ever since.

Besides being a supportive wife, she is also a model for Carlos’ Headrush Brand funny thing is she doesn’t consider herself as a model!  she just likes to think she is personal trainer working for this gym called Fitness Kicks in Albuquerque where they live. She is hot and modest! I’m sure you are thinking they work out together but think again! Apparently she likes to stick to her regime while hubby Carlos does the same although they do a little session here and there!

Well for a tough man a tough woman right! I mean just imagine the roller-coaster of being a MMA wife! Best of luck for both!

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