February 25, 2021

Simon Cowell 6 Anti-aging Secrets: Vitamin Injections, Botox, Colonic Irrigation Treatments and More!

Simon Cowell, 53 years old, with a net worth of £225 million, famous judge on the US version of the X Factor, a happy single music mogul revealed his anti-aging secret in an the Radio times interview. Here are the 6 tips for Simon Cowell to keep youth.

simon_cowell anti-aging secrets

“I work out three or four times a week, I have botox, take tons of vitamins and vitamin infusions — if you believe that these things work, you will feel better.”

  1. Hundreds of press-ups a day: though not “500 press-ups a day” reported by the media, Simon Cowell confessed that he did hundreds of press ups a day.
  2. Regular Botox
  3. Vitamin injections: Simon Cowell’s vitamin injection includes a mixture of B12, vitamin C and  magnesium. A nurse went to his house to inject for him on a regular basis.
  4.  Lemon bath milk: Simon uses the lemon milk bath daily which is effective to perfume his skin, and it’s cheap too!
  5. Work-outs 4 times each week
  6. colonic irrigation treatments

Simon Cowell’s happy single life

Simon Cowell has busy life, he usually stays up to 3pm for work, and travelling between London and Los Angeles. Sometimes because his text message too many, he had to just switch the phone off, sometimes for 2 months. He confessed that some shows made him uncomfortable, but,

 “But then you look at things with perspective and the truth is — over the years — the show has benefited a lot of people’s lives who wouldn’t have had the opportunity.” – Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell seems not going to find his other partner, as he said,

“I’m very good on my own, a) because I never get bored and b) because there is always something I need to catch up on. I break up very well. I am a good breaker-upper.”