October 21, 2020

Top 10 Diet Apps for Weight Loss

Top 10 Diet Apps for Weight Loss: We all want to lose weight, but in our current stressful and agitated life, it seems like it is getting harder to maintain a good program. However, with a good diet app, it is now simpler to calculate calories lost and to increase the effectiveness of the program. Let’s see the best applications of this kind, programs that could be easily installed on your mobile phone.Noom Weight loss


1. Noom Weight loss

Noom is a complete weight loss app that has all the customization features that you need. It will allow you to track your progress, to set goals, but most importantly, it calculates the food intake, and the progress of your exercise.

2. Lose It!

The most interesting aspect about this weight loss and fitness app is the fact that you can create a calories budget, based on your goals and diet. As soon as you have eaten something, or after a session of fitness, all you need to do is to enter the details in the app, and the program would tell you how much calories you have left for the respective day.

3. WeightBot

After installing WeightBot, you will have to enter your weight and height in the respective section, and the program would calculate your BMI. The program is displayed as a graph, and it is based on your BMI.

4. Food Scanner

This is one of the apps that come with a new concept. You can scan the barcode of any product or food, and the number of calories will be added to the program. Moreover, it can also separate the scanned items on meals! It can be combined with a workout app for better results.

5. The Eatery

According to some reviewers, this is the best diet app that you can find fore free in the market, and it comes with a rating system for the healthiness of meals. Along with a food diary, it will allow you to follow your progress for the weight loss process.

6. Calorie tracker Tap & Track

We are talking about the best weight loss app for people that like reporting tools and advanced calculations. It has a Calorie tracker Tap & Trackdatabase of 300 000 food items, and the possibility to access chats, to set goals and to follow your progress.

7. Weight Watchers Mobile

This is the diet app that comes with recipes, success stories and different tips, along with a points system that is pretty interesting.

8. Diet2Go

This is a weight loss app that comes with so many features, plans and customization features, that it might be overwhelming for some. You will find plans, ratings for diets and everything you need to create a solid weight loss strategy.

9. MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter

It has more than 300 000 reviews, which means that it is pretty popular. It has a barcode scanner, and it also helps you to count calories for more than 750 000 foods. Moreover, it is free, which makes if maybe the best weight loss app that you can find.MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter


10. Fooducate

Each king of food gets a grade from A to F, considering its nutritional quality, so with the help of this app, you can create the healthiest diet plan possible!