January 28, 2021

Want to stay lean?! Here is how!

If you want to stay lean be smart about your shopping and pay attention to what you are getting from the market to your dinner table, just saying!

But we can definitely choose what we are getting in return for our hard-earned money. A closer look at the packaged food currently piling up in the grocery cart reveals a lot of things you can easily do without. These are the added chemicals that tend to make the body hold in its calories; those who know how to cut past them sport a slimmer and healthier existence!

Learning to read nutritional information can make a huge difference! The careful ones exhibit a body-mass index that’s 1.48 points lower than those who are not; in men, this difference is just 0.12. That comes around to an average nine pounds difference in total body-weight.

Fat is an absolute requirement and humans need. 62 grams per day for every 1,600 calories going in is the norm; this is vital for the body in synthesizing hormones, to build immunity and to protect vital organs. Avoid trans-fats, but not healthy saturated fats. You can’t become size zero with an angular and broad skeletal form. It needs longer, small-gauge bones with smaller, rounded joints. In other words, an ectomorphic form. Mesomorphic or endomorphic forms, ideally, can’t be a size 0, so all those attempts towards it by meso-s and endo-s are actually unhealthy measures. Stay lean, not weak.

So, still the question remains what to read from the labels? You can focus on 3 main facts:

1. Serving size: Nutrition facts remain based on the serving sizes, so that is the first thing one must look out for. Usually, there remains present food for two, so multiply everything that comes under the nutritional info by two (if for three, multiply by three).

2. Calories: Slimming down or maintaining a healthy weight depends on how much of the calories you giving the body are getting burned. Low-carb, low-fat, high-fiber, gluten-free etc. comes next. More than required amount of low-carb piling up high is as bad, so opt for single serving packages. Better, go for a medium-carb; that’s as good as three low-carbs and will kill any urge to overeat.

3. Fats: We know by now how much and what kind of fat we need. The bad kinds mess up metabolism and harden arterial plaque faster. If partially hydrogenated vegetable oils, gave you comfort all these years, know it is the worst kind of trans-fat, followed by the so healthy margarine. The fat from mutton is a far healthier option. It will make you weigh less and age slower.