February 28, 2021

Weight Loss Program – Jillian Michaels Offering A Good One

Advertisement is considered to be the key for the success of every business and that is true for Jillian Michaels. A good amount of money has been spent on revealing her secrets, which are helping a large number of people lose their unwanted weight. You can see her on TV, on different websites and you also get advertisements through emails. However, many people are not sure that these secrets are really helpful or not.

Here we are discussing just a few results, which are telling the actual stories of Jillian’s students. They were part of her TV program. These will help you to know about the reality of this program.

In the final episode of the season, there were 22 participants in total, and a $100,000 or $250,000 prize was waiting for them. 19 participants were eligible to win the $100,000, and the winner was one of them. The name of winner was Koli Palu and his original weight was 403 pounds. However, after using the diet secrets of Jillian, he end up with 188 pounds and successfully lose 215 of his weight. He was dedicated to lose his weight and that was the reason he succeeded.

Shay Sorrells was another participant of the same program, but she was the contestant in season 8. Her initial weight was 304 and finally she end up at 252 pounds. Jillian’s program was like the magic for Shay as well. Subway followed her throughout the journey and awarded her $1000 for each pound she lost. She is working with Subway for another venture.

In season 9 of the program, three participants were given grand prizes. Ashley Johnston lost 183 pounds, starting with 374 pounds, Michael Ventrella lost 264 pounds, starting with 526 pounds and Daris George lost 168 pounds, starting with 346 pounds. So, Michael Ventrella was the winner of The Biggest Loser Couple 3. He was from Chicago, Illinois.
If you want to know the secrets of this program, you have to order it from Jillian Michaels. However, some secrets are not really secret. Participants of her program simply love her as she helps them by treating the root cause of the problem. She not only encourages them for physical exercise but helps them emotionally as well. If someone wants to quit, she encourages them to continue  She makes an imaginary figure of that particular person to encourage him or her. She tells her students how this weight loss will help them in every aspect of their lives. She keeps struggling with with them, until they reach their desired weight.

If you are looking for the same weight loss success, try to know about the Jillian Michaels and her secrets. You will find some useful tips and diet plans, which will help you lose your weight. So many seasons of this program are a clear proof of the success of her weight loss program. She also welcomes people struggling with obesity, who have no hope to lose weight. Her weight loss program is easily available online and you can easily apply it at your home.