October 21, 2020

Women’s fitness: Get lean & mean with boxing!

Many who have gotten into boxing say, success in any fitness program is an elusive moving target! Feeling like, maybe giving it a try??? Why not right!

woman boxer

There are many exercise devotees out there who continuously take aim. However, few consistently achieve a solid hit, when it comes to their fitness goals. When success demands focus, balance, consistency and discipline. It also requires the ability and dedication to continuously overcome obstacles.

This time around I’m bringing you another alternative which might be not all that commom for girly girls but that never the less give extremely awesome results! Boxing is both time efficient and effective in improving the fitness levels. It must also be challenging, motivating, provide variety and be convenient. In other words, it must meet the following criteria:

  • Intensity – It must challenge both the aerobic and anaerobic systems.
  • Strength gain – It must improve overall body strength.
  • Injury free – It must provide intensity without battering muscles and joints.
  • Calorie burn – It must help burn off any extra fat to help increase/maintain leanness.
  • Variety – It must be challenging and non-boring.
  • Mental toughness – It must help the athlete or fitness devotee learn to cope with difficult challenges in their primary activity.

Fitness Boxing is a whole body workout that meets the above criteria and more.

It takes the best aspects of workouts used by some of the world’s most finely conditioned athletes, boxers!!! Now, I’m not suggesting go all “Pac Man” on me just consider the options …you don’t have to do it for a living but you could do it to look and feel like you could kick some but!

Now, since the mid 90’s, boxing classes have been a mainstay phenomena in women’s fitness. With the success of female fighters Laila Ali and Christy Martin wouldn’t you want to look like them??  Along with the popularity of films such as the Oscar Award-winning Million Dollar Baby, boxing has visibly become more popular amongst the female audience. And for good reason!!! Boxing shreds calories, delivers ultra-fast results compared to low intensity workouts, and is a superior stress buster..Cool by me!

Getting excited?? Me too!! Consider the following:

  • Looking for a fun fitness challenge?? No matter how much you love that 8am spin class or zoning out on the elliptical after a particularly brain smashing day, any workout done repeatedly gets stale! Has it happened already?

If you are less than enthused with your workouts or your bod, boxing may be just what you need to up your motivation and get far more fit than your current workout monotony. Not only does boxing burn fat and up to 800 to 1,000 calories an hour, it makes you fast on your feet, gives you a full-body workout and doubles as a way to learn the art of self defense!

    • Boxing doesn’t get boring!

Benji Radach, professional MMA fighter and director of instructor training at LA Boxing, says “We aren’t just throwing punches. We add lunges, push ups, and sit ups in the middle of our workouts, so we actually hit every muscle in the body.

”our boxing workout changes throughout the hour, it doesn’t get monotonous.”

How awesome right!!! Convinced yet?? For sure I’ll be looking for some lessons!