January 16, 2021

Get Rid of Double Chins with Non-Invasive Kybella Injection Plastic Surgery Procedures

Dr. Philip Miller, among New York’s many respected facial cosmetic surgeon, has introduced a brand-new, non-invasive procedure that will certainly enable patients to remove double chins without surgical treatment. This freshly authorized treatment by the FDA is called Kybella.

Get Rid of Double Chins with Non-Invasive Kybella Injection Plastic Surgery Procedures

According to Dr. Miller, Kybella is an injectable treatment designed for adults that struggle with moderate-to-severe fat below the chin, which is likewise called submental fat. The active component in Kybella is deoxycholic acid. This acid works by dissolving fat, which then enables Dr. Miller to shape the chin without the need for surgical treatment.

“Kybella is a variation of deoxycholic acid,” discussed Dr. Miller. “It is a naturally taking place particle in the body that aids in the breakdown of nutritional fat.”

After Kybella is injected into a patient’s chin, Dr. Miller stated it starts to break down and destroy the fat cell’s membrane. What remains of the fat cell is then absorbed back into the body. Kybella is an alternative to liposuction or surgical treatment to remove double chin fat. Dr. Miller advised that a lot of patients would require a series of 10 to 20 injections per see. Each treatment takes about 15 minutes and is carried out safely in Dr. Miller’s New York office.

“Suitable prospects for Kybella treatment are people with high skin elasticity under their chin,” said Dr. Miller. “People with a great deal of excess skin under their chin and neck are bad candidates for this procedure.”

Side effects that clients might experience as an outcome from Kybella injections include swelling, bruising, discomfort, and some tingling around the areas of the injection. The majority of adverse effects clear up within 24 to 48 hours following the injection. There can also be some severe negative effects consisting of hurting the marginal mandibular nerve, which is the nerve that controls facial expressions. If it becomes hurt, it can lead to an off-balance smile. This normally takes place when shots are administered too close to the nerve.

. Not only is Kybella non-invasive, Dr. Miller said that patients also take advantage of the extremely fast recovery time.

.”It takes 2 or three days to heal,” he stated. “Clients may resume their everyday activity after treatment with no downtime.”

. Kybella is manufactured by Kythera Biopharmaceuticals, which based in Westlake Town, California. Prior to its recent approval by the FDA, the business called the injection ATX-101 before landing on the name Kybella.

. The cost of a Kybella chin fat removal treatment in New york city City can range anywhere from $ 550 per treatment. Considering that Kybella is a cosmetic treatment, it is not covered by insurance coverage.