February 28, 2021

Gywneth Paltrow $6,000 Thermage Laser Treatment, No Plastic surgery! (Gywneth Paltrow Witout Makeup)

Gywneth Paltrow was reported to throw $6000 on Thermage, a kind of laser treatment, to keep away from wrinkles! She said that she hasn’t had any plastic surgery. Just check the Gywneth Paltrow Witout Makeup picture below. What a beauty without makeup! Can you tell that Gywneth Paltrow has been 40 years old?

gywneth paltrow without makeup

Gywneth Paltrow recently revealed that she used Thermage, a laser treatment for anti-aging. The mechnism of the thermage laser treatment is to increase collagen in skin thus reducing wrinkles and tighten the skin. This treatment works on the lower layers of the skin because it uses the radio waves.

What’s the thermage laser treatment costs? According to Dr. Rita Rakus, who offered the thermage laser treatment for years, said, it took $6,000 dollars for the procedure, and would bring natural younger look.

 “This creates subtle, natural looking results like smoother, tighter skin, softened wrinkles and lines and an overall younger looking appearance, without having to go under the knife,” 

 The effect seems good as Gywneth Paltrow said this kind of laser treatment brought years of younger! And she is very proud of the result. But she said she didn’t take plastic surgery.

“I don’t mind a few wrinkles and freckles,” Gwyneth said in a recent interview withDaily Mail. I had this laser treatment recently, Thermage, and it took a couple of years off my face but I haven’t had any plastic surgery yet.” Gywneth Paltrow

Who else using the thermage laser treatment? Gywneth Paltrow is not the only one to use this method, Kim Cattrall has also been using this way to keep the skin young and tight.