January 20, 2021

Jasmine Tridevil (3 Breasted Woman) With 3 Breasts May Be Fake!

The latest big news from the plastic surgery world is that a young woman named Jasmine Tridevil (3 Breasted Woman) paid a surgeon $20,000. to have a 3rd breast added to her body. The reason being so Tridevil could land a staring role in a reality show on MTV or VHI or numerous other TV outlets. Tridevil has been reported to be 21 and living in Orlando, Florida.Jasmine Tridevils (3 Breasted Woman) With 3 Breasts May Be Fake!

By her own admission Tridevil is obsessed with magician Chiss Angel. She has a post on her channel on youtube channel where she reports to be in Las Vegas at an Angel show. She said last year she purchased the first row of tickets hoping to get his attention. From the stage Angel said he would be buy her a drink for her birthday, but it fizzled because all he was going to do was just pay for her drink but not accompany her to the bar. Tridevil supposedly asked Angel to appear on her upcoming reality show, but he declined saying “I want nothing to do with the 3 breasted woman.” Tridevil is still saying that she believes Angel will change his mind. Many people are starting to analyze all of Tridevil’s claims. For one thing, many are wondering out loud where Tridevil got the money for $20,000 procedure, or even for all the Criss Angel tickets, which costs a pretty penny. Tridevil is claiming to be a licensed massage therapist. She claims she saved up her money for over two years to pay for the surgery. She also claims none of her saved money went for the Angel tickets. Where did that money come from, many are asking?

The internet was all a buzz with news of this three breasted woman, many pondered what medical doctor would perform such a surgery. It’s inconsistent with any type of Hippocratic oaths that doctors swear by. Tridevil was claiming that if she never divulged the doctor’s name the doctor would perform the surgery. She apparently wants very badly to be a reality star. She is producing her reality show, talking about men, job advise, and being the only woman in the world to have a 3rd breast. Snopes.com ventured out on a quest to see if Tridevil was indeed really the recipient of a 3rd breast. The site was very surprised that Tridevil’s claims were taken at face value and story was reported as fact by mainstream media. The quickly were able to unravel her tales of an amazing 3rd breast. One of the strongest indicators that story is fake, is that Tridevil alleged 3rd breast was never seen or photographed without some sort of clothing covering it. The woman’s last name is obviously a conjured up last name, and her real identity was basically unknown. The site however through their own investigative work believes her real name is Alicia Jasmine Hessler, who self proclaimed expert at internet hoaxes. This the site is reporting today is most assuredly a hoax and some woman just looking for attention and fame through a completely fabricated story.

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