January 23, 2021

Adrienne Bailon Plastic Surgery Before and After: Nose Job, Face lift and Boob Job

Find Adrienne Bailon Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos Below: Adrienne Bailon is one of the famous artists on television and known as an amazing singer , songwriter, dancer and a recording artist. She is always praised for her amazing looks but lately she has being accused of getting plastic surgeries for various parts of her body in order to improve her beautiful image.

If we compare her old photos with the new ones, the changes are pretty clear especially on her face and chest area. She has an elegant nose and very sexy breasts now.

She is known to have a Nose Job, the Breast Augmentation procedure and Botox injections.

Nose Job

She is known to have some changes in her nose so people have accused her of getting a nose job done. Initially her nose had a wider bridge and a rounder tip while if you see her pictures now her nose is much narrower with a smaller tip with a narrow bridge. The work of rhinoplasty was tremendous but fortunately it looks great on her.

Adrienne Bailon Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Face lift and Boob Job 1

Face Lift

There are also some visible changes on her face which might  be due to Botox Injections. There are no wrinkles on her forehead and it looks extremely smooth which was too smooth to be true. She now has a natural pout and highlighted cheek bones which could be due to dermal fillers.

Breast Augmentation

Secondly she has also some changes in her breast size and shape if we refer to her pictures both old and new. There is an evident increase in her breast size as it looks much bigger than it used to be. Its more round and firm too . Her breasts are too perfectly shaped to be real. This possibly could be a reason of Breast augmentation. She might have done it being increased by some other actress or lady with big boobs. The changes are pretty clear in the photos below.

Adrienne Bailon Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Face lift and Boob Job 2

 There are mixed views on how she looks. Some say she looks extremely gorgeous and seductive with her amazing skin and big breasts while some say her face now looks like full of wax. While people argue about her changes she completely denies it and says that the changes are due to make up and hairstyle. As anyone’s nose could be made look narrower and her new hairstyle makes her skin tight.