August 4, 2020

Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos: Nose Job No Breast Implants!


Anne Hathaway has rumored to have done plastic surgeries including nose job, breast implants and even rumored to have had lip injections! Is this true? Check Anne Hathaway’s plastic surgery before and after photos below to find the truth!

Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery: nose job

It’s quite possible that Anne Hathaway has done nose job at an early age. Compared with her earlier photos with her photos taken in recent years, you will find her nose narrower than before(photo below)! Plus she used to have a big round nose tip (photo above) and now her nose job has been much refined!

But there’s the other possiblity. Maybe it is the result of different makeup techniques. To further prove it, I found another photo (below, right) that Anne Hathaway didn’t wear makeup! By comparing her before and after photos, you will find her nose much smaller than before! So it’s very possible that she has done nose job.

Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery: no breast implants!

Anne Hathaway has rumored to have done breast implants. There’re a lot of Anne Hathaway’s boob job before and after photos on Internet. If you compare the photos below you will get the conclusion that she might have done breast implants before to increase her breast size by about 1 cup size!

But wait, if this is true?

We all know that the push-up bras have magic to “increase” breast size by 1 or 2 cups. If this is the result of the push-up bras?

I found her bikini photos taken in January, 2014. You can find that Anne Hathaway’s breast size was still about A cup as before! The only difference compared with her breast shape in 2010 is her breasts seems to have sagged!

Anne Hathaway Plastic Surgery: lip injections

I also don’t think Anne took lip injections before. Some before and after photos showing big difference of her lips are really fake and ridiculous. I don’t think Anne needs to do lip injections in the future because her lip shapes are already perfect.