February 25, 2021

‘Bad Girls Club’ Girl Stephanie Rivera Plastic Surgery Before and After Boob Job Photos

‘Bad Girls Club’ girl Stephanie Rivera revealed recently that she has done plastic surgery to her boobs. Just check the following Stephanie Rivera’s plastic surgery before and after photos below!Bad Girls Club Girl Stephanie Rivera Plastic Surgery Before and After Boob Job Photos

Stephanie Rivera revealed the reason she went for plastic surgery is to gain “confidence”.

“I wanted to gain self-confidence. My motto has always been ‘Follow your heart,’ I believe that you should do whatever makes you happy. Never do it for the wrong reasons, do it because is what you want. So I followed my heart and went through with it.”

And she revealed she had been thinking of getting plastic surgery for years.

“I have always wanted a breast augmentation, for many years now,” “I have always battled with my weight shift as a young girl. One minute I’m really thick, and then the next minute I’m back to really skinny. So you can just imagine, over the years, how much of a toll it took on my breasts.”

Stephanie Rivera’s plastic surgeon

Stephanie Rivera’s plastic surgeon is Dr. Michael Salzhauer who is a well-known leading plastic surgeon in Miami, Fla.. He told Rador Online that it was a pleasure to do plastic surgery on her.

“Stephanie Rivera was a pleasure to have as a patient. Very nice and down to earth. No attitude, just laid back— the opposite of what one would think based on the Bad Girls Club persona,”

He did the silicone breast augmentation on her. After the plastic surgery, Stephanie’s breast size increased from B cup to C cup. From the before and after photos, you have to admit that Dr. Michael Salzhauer has done a very successful surgery because now Stephanie has bigger breasts with natural curve.

Bad Girls Club Girl Stephanie Rivera Plastic Surgery Before and After Boob Job Photos 2

“I performed a silicone breast augmentation on her last month. She went from a medium ‘B’ cup to a very natural appearing ‘C’ cup. She’s petite, so we didn’t want to go over the top. She wanted a natural look, that gave her just a bit more boost. Something to allow her throw out her push-up bras and better fill out her dresses and bikinis.”

The result? Of course, Stephanie Rivera is now very satisfied with the result and she showed of her new boobs on her social accounts.

“I feel sexier than ever,” “…Having my breast augmentation has given me the boost of self-confidence that I have always wanted.” – Stephanie

What’s Girl Stephanie’s next plastic surgery?

Girl Stephanie does not want to stop here, she revealed that her next plastic surgery woud be the butt lift! Revealed by Dr. Salzhauer. Butt lift has been one of the hottest plastic surgery on many girls’ wish list.

“Next on her wish list is a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL). This operation is currently the most popular trend in plastic surgery, especially in Miami and Los Angeles. I performed more than 350 BBL’s in my practice in the last year alone,” Dr. Salzhauer