January 20, 2021

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery and Gummy Bear Implants Reviews

Beverly Hills Plastic surgeon Dr. Dennis Dass, well known for his gorgeous results with the Brazilian Butt Lift, bust enhancement with “Gummy Bear” implants and body contouring will certainly appear on Fox 11 Morning News Santa Barbara July 9 to reveal the most popular plastic surgery procedures to aid busy mothers or any woman to look much better than ever.

“Many women look to refine their body contours after having babies,” states Dr. Dass. “While the concept of the ‘Mom Remodeling’ has been around for quite a long time, the types of treatments in need are progressing. Numerous women are deciding to have less intrusive procedures such as a ‘short scar’ abdominoplasty’ or ‘Gummy Bear’ breast augmentation developed to gain a more natural look. And while the busts and abdomen have been the major areas of concerns for females going through body makeovers, females are increasingly moving their focus to the buttocks. Having an adequate, well contoured back has become a fashion statement,” states Dr. Dass.

“The Brazilian Butt Lift includes shape and projection to the buttocks by utilizing the patients own undesirable fat, taken from areas such as the abdomen or ‘love handles’ without the need for implants,” states Dr. Dass. “The female’s waist is sculpted making use of liposuction to emphasize her results and create appealing contours in percentage with her entire body.”