January 18, 2021

“Big Bang Theory” Actress Kaley Cuoco Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos: Breast Implants and Nose Job

“Big Bang Theory” actress Kaley Cuoco recently confirmed that she had breast implants surgery done at an age of just 18 years old. In fact, Kaley Cuoco’s plastic surgery procedures include more than breast implants. The fact is she has also had nose job done! Just check Kaley Cuoco breast implants before and after photos below!

“Big Bang Theory” Actress Kaley Cuoco Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos Breast Implants and Nose Job

Kaley Cuoco Plastic Surgery: breast implants

Cuoco revealed to Cosmo recently that her breast implants “the best decision I ever made.” and she also revealed she did that when she was 18 years old. If you check about Kaley Cuoco’s plastic surgery before and after photos, you will find big difference. Her breast size was just A cup before and now it’s 2 cup larger to 34C.

In fact her breast implants rumor started in 2012 when she appeared to have a new size of breasts. It’s possible that she has done breast implants again to keep her perfect size.

In fact her breast implants were confirmed several years ago by Dr. Michael Salzhauer who said Kaley Cuoco had breast augmentation done perfectly and natural.

Now Kaley Cuoco has perfect body measurements of 34-24-36 with breast sizes 23 C. (weight: 130 and height: 5 foot 6.)

Kaley Cuoco Plastic Surgery: nose job

Now people are talking about her breast implants but fewer people know that she has also did nose job at an early age! Luckily we found more photos to confirm that Kaley has had nose job.

Just look at the following photos, you will find although she gained much weight than before, her nose looks much thinner and smaller than before. This is usually the result of the nose job!

Big Bang Theory Actress Kaley Cuoco Plastic Surgery Breast Implants nose job Before and After Photos

Like her breast implants, her nose job is also one of the best plastic surgery and not overdone.