January 25, 2021

Brad Pitt Plastic Surgery Before and After: Eye surgery , Nose Job, Facelift and Ear job

Fine Brad Pitts Plastic surgery before and after photos below: Brad Pitt is a very famous American Actor and Producer who is well known for his charm and personality. Many of his movies have gained millions of success and won many people’s hearts.

Lately its being rumored that he has had plastic surgeries which include a Facelift,  Nose Job , eye Job and Ear job.

Eye Surgery:

If we compare his recent pictures with the previous ones there are changes in the eye area which could be due to eyelid surgery. People say this was the 1st one he got done . He made his eyes look fresh and youthful and there is no sagging skin around the eyes and neither any wrinkles or lines. This too was professionally done since the star does not have the too pulled effect of a botched eyelid surgery. Many people are impressed by this as she continue to shine even in his 50s

Nose Job:

There is a difference in his nose if we compare his previous and recent pictures as well which suggests a rhinoplatsy. Now his nose bridge is raised up making the tip less upturned. Even after this his nose beautifully suits his face and adds to his charm.

Brad Pitt Plastic Surgery Before and After Eye surgery , Nose Job, Facelift and Ear job 1

Face lift:

Brad Pitt is not that young anymore and so he has also started to show aging signs so in order to get rid of them like the winkles and the sagging skin he got his skin rejuvenated. This is due to the Botox Injections he’s been taking for a while to keep his skin tight. Botox basically smooth ens wrinkles by tightening the facial muscles which in turn tighten facial skin. Then his cheeks also look fuller and plumper now which could be a cause of dermal fillers. No matter what he didn’t overdone it and so he still looks amazing as always.

One major problem he is able to solve of making his scars which were due to the acne problem less visible. This could be the result of Chemical peels or laser skin treatments.

Ear job:

One of the reasons for his beauty is his jaw line but it is rumored that he had it fixed i.e he had jaw implants and had his ear and jaw line transformed via a surgery. Now his ears look re shaped.

Brad Pitt Plastic Surgery Before and After Eye surgery , Nose Job, Facelift and Ear job 2

No matter whatever has he done to his face there’s still a balance and nothing is overdone. Despite the combination of face lifts and Botox, he still manages to maintain that natural handsomeness in him.