January 21, 2021

Bruce Jenner Sex Change (Plastic Surgery Before and After)

Rumor has it that the 64 year old Bruce Jenner has decided to change his sex and become a woman for a change. This was speculated as a result of an event that took place in Vegas. A bunch of school kids shouted out “hair, hair” in amazement when they found Jenner with his new feminine hairdo. Jenner at that time was along with his son Brody and Scott. Howard Bragman who is a PR expert has labeled this action by media; the spreading of this rumor as cruel after Jenner’s wife, Kris responded to these gossips as nonsense.Bruce Jenner Sex Change (Plastic Surgery Before and After)

Bragman added that he was amazed that there was so little tolerance to whatever Bruce is up to and so much judgment. Even though he did not actually know what Bruce was going through. Bragman is of the view that the websites and blogs depicting false information of Bruce’s sex change was an action of sheer disgust. However, Bruce himself has not yet spoken out on this matter and his dramatic change of appearance still fuels the speculations.

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Bruce Jenner sex change

The gold medalist has seen a drastic change in both his personal life and in his appearance. The 64 years old was once a glory winner in the Olympics and now left as a father and a 64 year old man whose appearance is changing more feminine by the minute. It seems like there is a long chain of vanity projects and the new intention of Bruce to conduct further surgeries into further smoothening of his Adam’s apple is just a part of that chain. Bruce Jenner Sex Change (Plastic Surgery Before and After) 3Some closely related people say that they although support Bruce in his decision of having a plastic surgery, they are still not convinced as to why would he do it at the first place. It becomes understandable for them that Bruce wants this, but why? They are just not sure. They claim that he was ill advised by the doctors to have a face lift and a nose job done. But since all of this is now done and a part of history, the new appearance that Bruce carries, clearly attracts more attention towards him than it did before even in his glory days of winning gold medals in the 1970s and 80s. He has also confessed that the later surgeries he wanted to keep a secret. Media abuse and torture is perhaps the main reason as to why he decided to keep most of it to himself.

Bruce Jenner face lift and nose job

Bruce Jenner is undertaking a surgery for partial face lift and nose job. The plastic surgery according to him is going to be a big one and can easily be compared to that one of Michael Jackson. The first plastic surgery was not entirely a success and to correct the mistakes he went under in the operation theater for the second time in the year 2009. Even on this matter, the media did not spare Bruce a good deal of scrutiny that was a cause of great pain for him since he was cleared for operation by his family. Now a day, Jenner who is a dad of 10 children that includes 4 step kids too is growing his hair longer and longer ad has been doing other stuff associated to women like manicuring. Some say that he has also reduced his Adam’s apple by going through a tracheal shave.

Bruce Jenner facelift

bruce-jenner-sex change 2

Bruce Jenner facelift

Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos FaceLift, Nose Job and Botox 2

Bruce Jenner nose job

Bruce Jenner Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos FaceLift, Nose Job and Botox

Bruce Jenner sex change along the years

Bruce Jenner Sex Change (Plastic Surgery Before and After) 2

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