January 17, 2021

Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Before and After: Nose Job, Botox, Breast Implants (Photos, pic)

If Cameron Diaz ever done plastic surgery? Though Cameron Diaz  said she did plastic surgery because of a surfing accident, most plastic surgeon didn’t think so.  Dr. Jennifer Walden said: “In the past she has admitted to multiple surgeries on her nose to alleviate breathing problems and to correct a broken nose, somewhat understandable as she is a self-proclaimed “surfer girl””. Now check Cameron Diaz plastic surgery before and after photos below to find the truth!

In fact Cameron Diaz has done quite a lot of plastic surgery including nose job, botox, breast implants and so on…

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Has Cameron Diaz done nose job?

If Cameron Diaz has done nose job? It has been questioned for many years. Cameron didn’t deny it but said the surgery was done because of the surfing accident hap pend in 2003.

“It’s not cosmetic — it’s purely medical,” At that that, she told W magazine: “I’m getting it fixed. I can’t take it. I cannot breathe at all. One side of my nose is totally shattered – my septum is basically like a train derailed.”

Her nose now looks pretty and natural, if you compare to her earlier photo, it seem her nose didn’t change much…

cameron_diaz plastic surgery nose job before and after


Wait! from Cameron Diaz’s this photo below (left), you can clearly see her nose not straight!

cameron-diaz-plastic surgery rhinoplasty-nose-job-before-after

What’s more, if you watch from another side. Her nose shaped changed a huge! Her nose seems much straighter!

cameron-diaz-plastic surgery before-and after nose job 2


Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job, Botox, Breast Implants

Cameron Diaz nose job has been confirmed by plastic surgeons

Celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn confirmed Cameron Diaz has done septum repair as the nose job.

“It looks like a combination of both. A septum repair (straightening) can create a straighter nose, which it has for her. Although the main purpose is to restore breathing, it can improve a crooked nose.”

Dr. David Shafer also agreed Cameron done nose job

“Cameron is a beautiful person. She does appear to have undergone rhinoplasty when compared to previous pictures.”

Another plastic surgeon based in Beverly Hills also confirmed Cameron Diaz ‘s rhinoplasty

 “Cameron had a definite rhinoplasty. In her before photo, her nose looked bulbous and wide especially her nostrils area (ala), the after photo reveals a softer, narrower tip, ala (nostrils) and nasal dorsum. Cameron’s nose now looks pretty natural.” –  Dr. Paul Nassif

You need to take a close look to see the different. The photos below shows Cameron did have a narrower tip and nasal dorsum before! (right). After the surgery, her nose straighter and narrower!

(after, before)

cameron-diaz-plastic surgery nose_job-before-after-pic


cameron_diaz_nose-job-before-and-after-nose-job photos

Who did nose job for Cameron Diaz?

It’s rumored that Dr. Raj Kanodia did nose job for Cameron and the plastic surgery seems very successful! Dr. Raj Kanodia has been known to be the plastic surgeon for Ashlee Simpson and Jennifer Aniston.

Cameron Diaz has done breast implants

It’s rumered Cameron Diaz has done breast implants, from nearly “none” to a A or B cup breast. What do you think?

cameron-diaz-breast implants

Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery – botox

It seems Cameron Diaz had done too much botox or face fillers! You can see the following picture her face looked so fake and ridiculous. Dr. Kenneth confirmed that Cameron had done botox!

Cameron Diaz has “chipmunk cheeks” and “frozen face” … her face looks pretty shiny in an usual way. Specifically, her forehead seems excessively smooth and that must be the consequence of having Botox injections. –  Dr. Kenneth

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I find a strange photo on Internet, just check it

Cameron Diaz seems to have done a series of nose job.

In the following picture, her nose shape seems a little strange right? Also her lip seems not natural. This photo might be taken not long after the accident? Or the photo was edited combining Michael Jackson’s photo? What do you think?