January 28, 2021

Caprice Bourret Plastic Surgery Before and After

Word has it and rumors spreading that Caprice Bourret, the model that has appeared in the vogue and cosmopolitan covers, has undergone a plastic surgery. Caprice who is an American model and a part time actress moved to further her career in the mid 1990’s to Britain. Seemingly, the plastic surgery really played a role with career.

“It appears that she may have had Rhinoplasty, lip and cheek augmentation and Botox as well as breast augmentation” – Dr. Douglas A. Taranow, a board certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in New York City, highly regarded among both patients and peers alike.

Caprice Bourret breast implants before and after

To boost her career, Caprice seems to have undergone Breast augmentation with implants of saline implants or huge chunks of silicone from Natrelle or Mentor makers. She also seems to have had a nose job as her nose fits perfectly to her face and looks cute.Caprice Bourret Plastic Surgery Before and After 2

Caprice Bourret botox and cheek augmentation

Most recently, Caprice has been resisting old age with anti-aging formulas and procedures. Possibly a blow lift or Botox although she still had a severe arch even before. Moreover, to plump her cheeks and fill in the lines around her mouth, Caprice seems to be using dermal fillers like Juverderm and Restylane.Caprice Bourret Plastic Surgery Before and After

Caprice Bourret’s plastic surgery confirmed by plastic surgeons and journalist

Simon Cable who writes for the daily mail alleges after noting photographs of Caprice, he suggests that although Caprice might not have undergone a surgery recently, she must have undergone one in the past.

He says that Caprice eyes had grown puffy and wrinkly unlike a year ago when she had a smooth youthful skin which brings a conclusion that she might have undergone some procedures to look younger.

Caprice Bourret‘s plastic surgery confirmed by other plastic surgeons

“Caprice is indeed looking quite young most likely from botox and filler treatments to her face and possibly a browlift.  Her breast look very natural looking, but I do believe they have been augmented with breast implants.  Her nose has a perfect shape and size for her face, but most likely created by a nasal cosmetic surgery (Rhinoplasty).” – Miami plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer

“Caprice appears to have had Botox, facial fillers, a browlift, and possibly a facelift.  There is also a possibility she had rhinoplasty at some point in her life, as her bridge appears a bit narrow. Caprice would not benefit from having any additional work at this time.” – Dr. Paul S. Nassif

Caprice,has always denied to have undergone any surgical procedures. However,she admitted that if circumstances force her to do something about her physical appearance, she will do it.