August 5, 2020

Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong! (Before and After Photos)


It’s quite common to see plastic surgery gone wrong! Just check the following “Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong” photos by comparing their before and after phtoos!

Joan Rivers plastic surgery before and after

Joan Rivers seems to have undertaken nearly all of the plastic surgery procedures she could find out. From her earlier look, you can finally see what she truly look! She was not beautiful compared with so many Hollywood stars, but she was so natural and kind. But now she seems to have wore a mask that she couldn’t take off any more! You can read ‘Joan Rivers plastic surgery‘ for more details!

Priscilla Presley plastic surgery before and after

I just can’t believe the left photo below is Priscilla Presley! She was so pretty and graceful. But now her looks changed totally because of her plastic surgery gone wrong! You can see the plastic surgery procedures she has taken from the following before and after photos.

Priscilla Presley plastic surgery procedures include: botox injections, facial fillers, lip injections and possibly liposuction under her eyes to remove her eye bags. She seems to have every plastic surgery procedures according to the standards of Hollywood star, but not a natural beauty at more!

Dolly Parton plastic surgery before and after

Dolly Parton has done too much botox or fillers, plus breast enlargement procedures. It’s interesting that if you conpare with her before (when she seems to be on a commercial ads) and after look. It seems not changed much!

Janice Dikinson plastic surgery before and after

Janice Dikinson has sexy lip, but she wanted it to be more sexy so she undertook lip injections and breast enlargement procedures. The result? You can check below.

Jennifer Grey plastic surgery before and after

Jennifer Grey has done facial fillers and (or) botox injections that made her face become fuller. Just look her frozen face below!

Michael Jackson plastic surgery before and after

I don’t know if I should put Michael here, he is a hero to me no matter what he looks, but if from the plastic surgeron point of view, Michael’s plastic surgeon has gone bad.

Barry Manilow plastic surgery before and after

Now it seems to be a trend that elder men also go for plastic surgeon to get botox injections and facial lifting!

Barry Manilow got way too many botox injections or facial injections that made her face tightened with frozen face!

Carson Kressley plastic surgery before and after

Carson Kressley was handsome, but after he became famous, he has overdone plastic surgery including facial fillers and lip injections which made his face fuller and fake.

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