January 16, 2021

Christina Augleria Plastic Surgery

Check out Christina Augleria’s plastic surgery before and after photos below! Pop star Christina Augleria, 34 is an international star of song and the screen. She is rich and famous, but apparently still insecure and trying to hold on to the proverbial ‘Fountain of Youth’. It could also be that Augleria is just not secure and is always looking to ‘fix’ things. Many women are just like that, but in this case, everyone gets to comment good or bad, it goes with the territory of being rich and famous.

The word out there is that Augleria who has two children had plastic surgery procedures before she became a household name. Some of those procedures have included breast augmentation, lip augmentation, rhinoplasty and butt implants. Although Christina has never publicly confessed to any procedures, fans and foes as well as lead cosmetologists have speculated for several years as to what she has actually had done.

Breast implants

When she first broke onto the national spotlight, she had an A cup, she now has a C cup, because she is constantly under a microscope, her fans do take notice, it’s hard to hid when you’re in the public eye like she is. She also seems to have bigger breasts after delivering her daughter. The specific surgery she has is rumored to be silicon pad implantation, around her body.

Christina Augleria Plastic Surgery before and after 2

Butt implants

Her recent plastic surgery procedure is butt impants or Brazilian butt lift. According to Dr. Douglas A. Taranow,  New York City celebrity plastic surgeon.


“It seems she’s definitely augmented her butt but I’m leaning more towards implants because it doesn’t seem she’s had liposuction anywhere to harvest the fat from for a Brazilian Butt Lift,” 

Nose Job and botox injections

Many people that follow her concur that she had her nose completely reshaped, and her lips filled with injects.Christina Augleria Plastic Surgery before and after