January 16, 2021

Cosmetic Foot Surgery Cost, Before and after (Cinderella Surgery)

Are you one of those females between the age of 16 to 46 who are really uncomfortable about the appearance of your feet? Are you also one of those who wish to have a small, slim, cute pair of heels however can’t or have foot pains when you do? Well, there is a cosmetic foot surgical treatment that you maybe interested. Personally I do not promote this so-called cosmetic foot surgical treatment because there are lots of lots of unsafe repercussions, but I’m making a note right here to tell you that it has been slowly showing up being a brand-new trend but it also threatens the health of women.

Cosmetic Foot Surgery Cost, Before and after

cosmetic foot surgery before and after

So you look into the glass windows of a store and you see clothes that you want to purchase. Now you may have the cash to actually purchase it, but are you slim enough? It’s the very same problem with shoes. Many stylish clothes and shoes are not made for average females, but we purchase them because we believe they look good. In order to suit these cute tops, we reduce weight, and in order to fit into those charming shoes, we cut our toes, shave our bones, and get a foot surgery!

There are a growing number of demands to perform the cosmetic surgery, think it or not. The majority of orthopedics refuse to do these surgeries due to the fact that the foot has numerous essential nerves that might result in very significant issues in the hips as well as the jaw. However, we crazy ladies simply might risk anything too look good. Even years of pain to come.

Well, look at those shoes once again, and ask yourself if its worth. I recommend you stop being complaining about your feet being to wide, too fat, or too long. If your feet are preventing your capability to walking normally, then think about the surgery. But if you are merely doing to make them look much better, provide it up. I understand it’s hard, however which one do you want: the great possibility of being disabled for the rest of your life or having to conceal your feet but walk comfortably everyday.

Cosmetic Foot surgery cost

Prices of the cosmetic food surgery ranging from $500 or more for adding padding to the bottom of the feet to $5,000 and more for bunion surgery.

Dr. Suzanne Levine on Good Morning America: Cosmetic Surgery for your Feet

According to NY times, ‘Cinderella surgery’ is a growing trend for women. This is a cosmetic food surgery includes toe liposuction, fat pad augmentation and even toe shortening to better fit into high heels

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