August 5, 2020

Courtney Stodden Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos: Breast Implants, Lip Injections and Nose Job


Courtney Stodden’s plastic surgery made her the headlines again! After this 18-year-old girl married to her now 53-year-old boyfriend Doug Hutchinson back in 2011. If you see her before and after photos, you will easily see that she has had quite a lot of plastic surgery procedures including boob job, lip injections, nose job and possibly facial fillers! She is even unrecognizable! But she is still try to convince everyone that she is natural beauty. Courtney Stodden even persuaded Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. Marc Mani to examin her face verdicted that she is a natural beauty. Anyhow, let’s see the before and after photos of this natural beauty!

Courtney Stodden Plastic Surgery – breast implants

Courtney Stodden’s breast is a few sizes bigger from natural C-cup up to a massive DD-cup. You can hardly see that she is only 18 years old! But it seems Hollywood plastic surgeon Dr. Stuart Linder believed she had a very nice breast implants done. Her breast implants come compliments of Dr. Stuart Linder, the Hollywood plastic surgeon and saline breast implants. Courtney Stodden is very confident and satisfied of her look as she said, “I love the way my shape looks, it looks more Jessica Rabbit-y, and it just makes me feel more sexy, more like a woman.

Courtney Stodden Plastic Surgery – lip injections

Courtney did lip injections last year together with nose job as her 18th birthday gift. Courtney Stodden has 100% taken upper lip injections which you can clearly see from her before and after photos! Her upper lip was very thin and now her upper lip becomes much thicker than before and seems swollen and fake!

Courtney Stodden Plastic Surgery – nose job

Courtney Stodden’s nose job is not easy to find out compared with her boob job and lip injections, but it’s much easier for plastic surgeon to find the truth, according to plastic surgeon John Di Saia MD said ‘besides the metric increase in makeup, her nose seems to have changed. These changes do not happen with aging alone’.  He also said ‘It is also pretty likely that she uses facial fillers by the looks of her facial folds.’ Here is another before and after photos. In the left photo you can see when she was still a natural looking pretty girl.