August 4, 2020

Dalis Connell Plastic Surgery: From Cup A to Cup B (Before and after photos)


Dalis Connel who is Ryan Edwards’ ex has been able to maintain quite the following since the many numerous appearances alongside Teen mom and Ryan. Fans noted an apparent change in Dalis’ appearance last month that could not be credited with diet or work out. That is larger breasts!! Find Dalis Connell’s plastic surgery (breast implants) before and after photos below!

Later, Dalis admitted to have undergone a breast augmentation surgery in a video that is in YouTube named ‘things that make you happy’.

“I’m here to confess that I moved from cup A to cup B and confess that I did the surgery” she reveals. She says that she has no issues with the results and revealed that it is her first time to feel totally satisfied with the way she looks and everyone should accept and obey that irrespective of what it took or takes. Whether it is eating clean, exercising, or diet you know, whatever it might take.

Dalis says that although she truly believes in working out and eating the proper diet, the two procedures have their limitations. She explains that she might go to the gym and get muscles and flat abs which are not feminine but she cannot go to the gym and get boobs which she has always wanted.

Dalis Connell’s low calorie balanced diet

Dalis also had a message to all haters and all the people that disagree with her move and her new look. ‘Always do what you think is good for you and makes you happy irrespective of what the people or the world thinks about it. Since you are the one living your life, you should always be in a position to however you want in any method or way that makes you glad and happy. You should never lead a miserable life since you live only once therefor make the best out of it.’