August 4, 2020

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos: Boob Job, Botox, Liposuction and Chemical Peels


How many plastic surgery procedures Demi Moore has taken? There’re rumors that it cost Demi Moore higher than $ 200,000 on cosmetic surgery and hundreds of thousands on her nutrition, diet, workout routine. While Demi Moore denied she had anything done on her face, if it means her major plastic surgery procedures were done on her other parts? Now we have a collection of Demi Moore’s plastic surgery before and after photos from which you can see she has taken quite a lot of plastic surgery procedures including boob job, liposuction, botox and chemical peel.

“I have had something done, but it’s not on my face,” Moore told UK magazine Elle.

Demi Moore plastic surgery before and after – boob job

Demi Moore’s boob job is quite obvious. Her breast size was just A cup, then after the boob job, her breast size suddenly increased to C cup. But unlike the other celebrities who did regular breast implants and make their boobs larger and larger until it became unnatural and ugly, Demi Moore’s breast implants were quite well done and she didn’t go to extreme to make her boobs larger and larger.

Demi Moore’s boob job and other plastic surgery procedures have been proved by  Dr. Jennifer Walden who said Demi Moore might have done breast implants, botox injections and a chemical peel, and she looks fantastic.

Demi Moore plastic surgery before and after: Botox injections

Her looks changed a lot during the past 16 years. Although you can see small wrinkles on her face, it’s hard to believe that she still looks so youthful. She can only achieve this through cosmetic procedures such as botox injections.

You may also notice that her face changed, she seems to be like another person after 16 years of time. But all of her photos show her face looks so natural without any signs of plastic surgery. Her plastic surgeon must be one of the best ones in America.

Demi Moore plastic surgery before and after photos: Liposuction

Demi Moore has 4 kids and she revealed her struggle with post-baby weight. Needless to say, liposuction is the quickest way for her to get rid of excess fat. From her liposuction before and after photos, Demi Moore’s excessive fat on her legs disappeared after the liposuction surgery.

Plastic surgeons also agree that Demi Moore has taken liposuction on her stomach, hips, outer and inner thighs, now she looks so slim with smooth skins due to the magic of liposuction.

Demi Moore plastic surgery before and after: Chemical peels

Demi Moore has perfect skins on her face and body even without makeup. Now in her 50s, many plastic surgeons believed she had taken chemical peels to keep her skin fresh and anti-aging.