January 20, 2021

Diego Maradona Plastic Surgery Before and After

Diego Maradona, the footballing legend is in limelight once again. The Argentinian footballer has reportedly gone through a plastic surgery. An image emerged on the internet, having Diego in a completely different, rocking look, leaving his fans stunned. His fans even starting asking questions- “Is it really him?”.

Check out “Diego Maradona’s plastic surgery before and after” photos below. The great football star has been through a plastic surgery, or rather, a facelift operation, sources said.

Diego Maradona Plastic Surgery Before and After

Recently an-after-the-surgery picture of him gone viral on the internet in which he is seen posing with his girlfriend Rocio Oliva. Before that he was spotted in Cuba when he was catching up with an old buddy of him, Fidel Castro. In his new avatar, Diego obviously doesn’t look like a 54 year old man. He has got rid of all the eye bags and the wrinkles around them.

Laser treatment

Diego is believed to have gone through a laser treatment which has made all the wrinkles and eye bags around the eyes go away. The new face suits perfectly on him as he looks more refreshing and sporty. He had got his skin softened, all through the laser treatment and has tried significantly to look younger.


Inspite of all this, one thing he couldn’t work on was his belly. He just couldn’t hide the bulge.
The picture surfaced in Cuba where Maradona is filming a new sports programme.
Press in Argentina called this as an “effort to look younger”. The legend, who is infamous for his ‘Hand of God’, has been in on On-Off relationship with Olivia. Several fans of him expressed their views on twitter and facebook reacting to the new face of their favorite footballer.

Diego Maradona Plastic Surgery Before and After 2

Though there is nothing official about this news, but Diego has, needless to say, given his fans a surprise.

His girlfriend Rocio has finally decided to stay with him after a series of incidents between them in the past. The footballer, last year got her arrested for stealing jewelries and watches worth hundreds of pounds from his mansion in Dubai.