January 20, 2021

Draya Michele Plastic Surgery Before and After: Breast Implants and Teeth Surgery

Check the following Draya Michele’s plastic surgery (breast implants) before and after photos below! Draya Michele will probably go back to the surgeon to redefine and reshape her figure. The busty and curvy Basketball wives Los Angeles posted some tweets saying she is not very satisfied with how she looks. More precisely, she wishes she had a better and a more modest bustline.Draya Michele Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants and Teeth Surgery

Draya Michele breast implants

Draya revealed that she was already tired with her boobs that made her every part look skanky all the time. She reportedly tweeted and gave goodbye to her girls in September.

Draya went on to comment that having a slimmer look and physique could make her look abit more fashionable via her twitter account. She said that girls looked better in clothes with a flat behind and chested and vowed to eliminate her tidday phase claiming it’s out of style. She posted this tweets in her twitter account and she has not talked about those tweets since. Draya has come out and confessed she wished clothes would hang on her body a little more differently. It is however possible that the posts were just some jokes or someone hacked her account.

Draya Michele Teeth Straightening Surgery

Draya Michele Plastic Surgery Before and After Breast Implants and Teeth Surgery 2

According to a story, Draya went quietly and got a brand shining set of teeth. According to gossip blog, Orlando Schandrick who is her boyfriend might have paid for the procedure. However the gossip is not confirmed but Draya looks awfully perfect and straight in her new teeth.