October 23, 2020

Fergie Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos: Detox, Boob job, Nose job and Facelift

Check Fergie plastic surgery before and after images. You could be forgiven if coming up with a blank if asked about Stacy Ann Ferguson but yes; this is the real name of Fergie who has become a heartthrob of millions of her male fans all over the world. Not only is she a rap singer, Fergie also happens to be a songwriter, actress, TV personality, a fashion designer, and even a rapper. She sang many songs with the band Black Eyes Peas before releasing her own album The Duchess in 2006. She is in the limelight these days not because of her performances but because of her boob job, nose job, and face lift.

Fergie plastic surgery before and after photos, though she denied having done breast implant, but it’s quite clear right?

Fergie boob job before and after

Fergie Boob Job before and after

Fergie breast implants before and after

fergie-boob job-before-and-after

The rapper is not only looking voluptuous but fuller in her face also as a result of the entire Botox and boob job that she has undergone. However, the singer is not so magnanimous when asked about her experiments with plastic surgery as she claims that she has had only Botox but no plastic surgery on any of her body parts.  But plastic surgeons hold another view about her makeover as they say that it is clear from her before and after looks that she has not only undergone breast implants but also brow lift, forehead lift, and even an eyelid lift.

Fergie botox or facelift before and after

fergie-botox before and after

Fergie brow lift, forehead lift, and eyelid lift before and after, photo from zismile

fergie-botox-before and after

Experts also say that Fergie has had rhinoplasty done as her photos reveal that she now has a slimmer nose and even the tip of the nose now looks chiseled. Even the jaws of the actress look almost perfect now. The ac tress now dares to reveal her upper body which is a tell tale sign of her plastic surgery jobs. 

Fergie nose job before and after

fergie-nose-job-before and after

Fergie seems have done all kinds of plastic surgeries, in fact there’s a picture to show exactly which kind of plastic surguries Fergie had, not know how many times of plastic surgeries she has taken! 

fergie-plastic-surgery pic