January 20, 2021

Gabrielle Anwar Plastic Surgery Before and After: Lip Surgery , Nose Job , Facelift and Breast Augmentation

Find Gabrielle Anwar Plastic Surgery Before and After Below: Gabrielle Anwar the very well-known British actress is known to have some plastic surgeries in the recent times. Many of her body parts like her face, nose and lips, as well as her breasts, has changed from what they previously was. Her fans have noticed many such changes, and she is on the headlines for it. She is known to have a Lip Surgery, Nose Job, Cheek and Chin Augmentation and A Boob Job.

Her lips are now just very different than before and have known to undergo a dramatic change. She has pretty thin lips earlier but now they appear to be thick and sensuous with a natural curl. She changed her lips to a little permanent pout. This might be due to the usage of lip fillers in order to thicken the lips. Her lips even appear fuller and thicker and sometimes thinner and so it might be due to the occasional usage of Botox.

Gabrielle Anwar Plastic Surgery Before and After Lip Surgery , Nose Job , Facelift and Breast Augmentation1

She has also gone under the knife to get a better shape and look of her nose. It can easily be seen in her previous pictures that her nose used to be bigger and thicker. But now it has changed dramatically. It is now straight, narrow, smooth and smaller. It is narrow ridged with a sharp tip which is very well defined. It could only be possible by a Nose reduction Surgery. In Hollywood, people with narrow ridged noses are often envied by others as the holders and definers of beauty. This forces most celebrities to have their noses chiseled out.

Face lift:
She has also had immense changes in her face, earlier she had a round face with round and plump cheeks. But recently her face is no longer plump and round. The face is now long and narrow. Her cheek bones seem higher, and her jaw lines are sharper. Her chin is also better defined. Chin augmentation could be the reason for her long face.
It is usual that with increasing age the stars start to show some signs of it, but Gabrielle has no such signs like wrinkles, fine lines or discolored spots. Her skin is fresh and youthful like someone in 20’s.
Gabrielle no doubt looks more elegant with her changed facial appearance.

Gabrielle Anwar Plastic Surgery Before and After Lip Surgery , Nose Job , Facelift and Breast Augmentation2

Breast Implants:

Gabrielle has lost a lot of weight recently and she has got thinner and her body is more toned now. But no such change is seen in her bra size as her bra size appears to be fuller than before. When a person gets thin, fat loss occurs from all parts of the body so its weird that it didn’t occur only from her breasts. Breast augmentation is considered to be the reason.

The results of her surgeries are no doubt excellent, and she looks just beautiful than ever before. But thank god she hasn’t overdone it unlike some celebrities and so hasn’t lost her natural appearance.