February 25, 2021

Gywneth Paltrow Plastic Surgery Before and After: Botox, Nose Job, No Boob Job! (PHOTOS)

Check “Gywneth Paltrow Plastic Surgery Before and After”, though she denied previously and said she ever had plastic surgery or botox, but I find some pictures to prove she is lying!

Gywneth Paltrow, the 39 year old beauty said that she refused to use botox injection,  silicone or other plastic surgery. And recently she said she had spent $6000 on THERMAGE, a laser treatment. Read more here:

Gywneth Paltrow $6,000 Thermage Laser Treatment, No Plastic surgery! (Gywneth Paltrow Witout Makeup)

“Before I didn’t care about it. And I still refuse to use silicone, Botox or other of those gimmicks out of pure vanity. But a breast correction after breast feeding — why not? There’s actually nothing else to restore the original condition, isn’t there?” she laughed in an interview with the German edition of OK! magazine.”

In another interview she said she was not a fan of all plastic surgery.

“I mean I can’t stand the big, puffy lips,” she said. “That stuff is just crazy! And the cheekbones that come out to here! I feel like, “Why do they think they have to do that?” 

But the following pictures tell the truth?

See Gywneth Paltrow botox before and after pictures. It’s clear that her wrinkles lost, and her smiling seems not natural?

gwyneth_paltrow botox before and after

Another one, botox injection before and after, seems she had eye surgery too.

gwyneth-paltrow botox eye surgery-before-after

Gywneth Paltrow nose job before and after pictures.  It’s very clear the different between the nose shape before and after. Without plastic surgery, how she managed it? By dragging it all day long?

gwyneth_paltrow nose job before_and_after

At last, Gywneth Paltrow boob job? Many pictures online said this is Gywneth Paltrow boob job before and after, but the truth is the second picture with larger breast is when she is pregnant!

Gywneth Paltrow boob job before and after