August 4, 2020

Halle Berry Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos: Nose Job and Breast Implants


Check Halle Berry’s plastic surgery before and after photos below! Halle Berry, born in 1966, is an Academy Award winning American actress and former model. Although she rejected the rumors that she ever under the knife for cosmetic procedures, her before and after photos revealed that Halle Berry has done plastic surgery procedures including nose job and breast implants.

In fact after her plastic surgery, Halle even looked unrecognizable compared with her pervious look when she vying for the title of Miss World in 1986! (photo below)

Halle Berry Plastic Surgery – nose job

The most obvious change is Halle Berry’s nose shape. Halle Berry’s original nose was wide and flat with a round tip. In her later photos you can see her nose seems much more slimmer than before, with thin nose bridge and smaller nostrils.

Her more earlier photos showed her big nose at her earlier age when she still had baby fat.

This is not because of weight loss because the following photos showed her different nose shape in 1991 and in 2007 when she has nearly similar face shape, but her nose quite different.

Halle Berry Plastic Surgery – breast implants

Halle Berry’s breast implants are not easy to recognize because of her pregnant and given birth to 2 babies. So her breast size was very likely to have increased due to this. But we have another way to find out if Halle Berry has ever taken breast implants by checking her before and after photos before pregnant.

Her first pregnant occured in 2007. So we can compare her photos before 2007.

If you compare Halle Berry’s photo in 1998 and 2006, you can see big changes on her breast size. In 1998, her breast size seems to be A cup, then in 2006 she had bigger and fuller pumping up breast than before!

Here is a very obvious photo comparison. In 2005 and 2010, Halle Berry was spotted wearing similar gowns attending the activities. You can see clearly that her breast size in 2005 was much larger than before in 2001. So it’s very likely that she has done breast implants between 2001 and 2005!