February 26, 2021

Heather Locklear Plastic Surgery Before and after Pictures

Heather Locklear plastic surgery is in the news lately because of 51 year old actress’s pretty face and looks. This beautiful actress, who shot to fame with Melrose Place, was recently seen in Beverly Hills area in a restaurant and she looked ravishing to say the least. Despite her roller coaster of a life involving breakups and relationships, Heather Locklear continues to defy her age. No, she hasn’t aged gracefully in the traditional sense of the word as she is looking fresher and younger than she has ever looked in her life before.Heather Locklear

So stunned are her fans by her majestic and youthful looks that they believe she has gone under the knife of a plastic surgeon. Speculations are rife that heather has undergone not only breast augmentation but also chemical peels, face lift, a nose job, Botox injections, an even cheek implants. A renowned plastic surgeon has revealed a lot of facts about the reasons for the youthful looks of the gorgeous actress. He says that her forehead looks very smooth and without any creases or wrinkles. This suggests that it is either a result of a Botox injection or lifting of her brow.


(Heather locklear with botox injection)

It seems Heather Locklear has to do botox injection on a regular basis. The follow picture is when Heather is out of botox!

heather locklear out of botox

(Heather locklear out of botox injection)

If you think the picture horrible, then you are totally wrong! In fact, too much botox injection is much more dangerous. I just wonder why she is still out to enjoy sunshine?!

heather locklear botox

(Heather locklear with too much botox injection and some other plastic surgery?)

There is a sudden spurt in the number of people making frantic searches on internet trying to find Heather Locklear plastic surgery before and after 2013. The plastic surgeon continues praising the smooth texture of her skin saying it might be a result of chemical peels. It is no secret that the Hot in Cleveland star had a nose job and a breast implant some time ago. It is really surprising how anyone so deeply involved in relationships can continue to look so young despite having crossed the age of 50. Heather has a 15 year old daughter with her relationship with Bon Jovi Guitarist Richie Sambora. 

heather locklear boob job before and after

(heather locklear boob job before and after pics, pic from famousplastic)


Now, Heather Locklear boob job, looks great

heather locklear plastic surgery before and after

(heather locklear breast enlargement before and after photo)