February 26, 2021

Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery Before and After: Breast Implants, Nose Job and Lip Injection Photos

Check “Jessica Simpson Plastic Surgery Before and After” here. Jessica Simpson is so beautiful thanks to plastic surgeries and her wonderful plastic surgeon. Her plastic surgeries include: breast implants, nose job and lip injection. Check check the following Jessica Simpson before and after photos.

Jessica Simpson boob job before and after

Jessica Simpson has done breast implants that you can clearly find it in the following photos. There’re some saying said her large breast size is not by plastic surgery but by her weight gain. It’s not true as you can see the photo before, even before Simpson lost weight, her breast size increased to about 1/2 or 1 cup.

jessica-simpson-boob job before-and-after

Jessica Simpson breast implant before and after photo. It’s more clear that she did breast surgery before as her breast shape seems so round and fake (right).

jessica-simpson-boob job before and after 2

Jessica Simpson nose job before and after

Jessica Simpson did a nose job (rhinoplast) but it’s not clear when she did it. It seems she has done a serious of nose job to make the bridge more smaller. Now it seems her nose matches her beautiful face very much. She must find a great plastic surgeon.

jessica-simpson-nose job

Jessica Simpson lip injection before and after

Jessica Simpson lip injection did lip injection between October 2008 to November 2008. If you check her picture, you will see her lip looks quite different. Jessica confessed her lip injection to Glamour Magazine,

I had just got a new shape for my lips with the injection of protein-based gel Restylane – Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson lip injection before and afterJessica Simpson even confessed her awkward feelings after plastic surgery on her lip.

“I did Restylane – I was going through an emotional time and I thought maybe if my lips were bigger, people would think it was sexy. It only stays for four months. I looked like a blowfish! I looked so goofy! I prayed every night, “Please let them go down!”

She said she reshaped her lip back to make it more normal and then she didn’t involve in any lip injection anymore. But you can still see the difference and now her lip looks great.

Jessica Simpson blepharoplasty

It’s said Jessica also done blepharoplasty,  a plastic surgery to remove fatty and excess tissue on the eyelid. So her eyes look more bigger. There’re other rumors said Jessica Simpson had botox.