February 26, 2021

Katella Dash $99,000 Plastic Surgery to Look Like Blow-Up Sex Doll (Photos, video)

Katella Dash, 38-year-old Minneapolis massage therapist spent $99,000 on her plastic surgery. You don’t need to find her before plastic surgery photos. Because her plastic surgery procedures are so fake that you can easily find out what plastic surgery procedures she has ever done! The list includes: extreme breast implants, nose job, botox, face lift, neck lift, liposuction, lips injections and more! Don’t forget to add another surgery to the list. It’s male-to-female gender reassignment surgery Katella took when she was 23 years old.

Unlike most girls who want plastic surgery to be more real and prevent any extreme surgery procedures, Katella revealed that she would rather be extreme.

“When I was younger, I felt too feminine for a boy — I was more feminine than most females,” “The way I would talk, the way I would move my hands, the way I spoke. I had the operation and I’ve never looked back. Now I want to achieve a hyper-feminine, extreme look.” – Katella told Barcroft TV. 

“I love to look plastic — most people hate me for my extreme appearance but it fuels me to get more work done,” “I think I do have an obsession with plastic surgery, but being over the top and extreme feels normal to me. The look I am going for is a walking blow-up sex doll — it’s about as fake a person as you can be.”

Katella Dash plastic surgery: H size boob job

Katella Dash’s breast size has reached H size. Her breast implants are very fake and too round to be true. I think maybe this is the standard of her plastic surgery! She told Daily Mail,

“Right now, the only thing stopping me going to a size L or M is that no surgeons in the U.S. are willing to operate on me,” “I have gone abroad for surgery before so I might have to do it again.”

Katella Dash $99,000 Plastic Surgery to Look Like Blow Up Sex Doll (Photos, video)
Katella Dash plastic surgery: lip injections and nose job
It’s evident that Katella Dash has undergone lip injections and nose job, maybe chin surgery to make it sharper. Her lips are very thick and nose much refined. But they are just too fake!
Katella Dash $99,000 Plastic Surgery to Look Like Blow Up Sex Doll (Photos, video) 3
Katella Dash plastic surgery: liposuctions
On Katella Dash’s facebook, you can find quite a lot of photos in which Katella showed off her S shape which is likely the result of the liposuctions.
Katella Dash $99,000 Plastic Surgery to Look Like Blow Up Sex Doll (Photos, video) 2

Daily star revealed her friend’s response to her extreme plastic surgery obsession:

“Her obsession with surgery is scary, especially considering the risks involved,” “It’s definitely getting out of control and could be dangerous.”

Plastic surgeons also pointed out the risk linked with extreme plastic surgery

“Extremely large implants can erode through the tissues and become exposed,”  Dr. Greg Mesna

Katella Dash, do you ever think about why you need such extreme surgery? If it’s really worth to do it?