January 28, 2021

Katie Price Plastic Surgery Before and After

Check out Katie Price’s plastic surgerybefore and after photos below! Katie Price is famed for her extreme love of cosmetic surgery. The glamour model, popular for the cosmetic surgeries she has undergone urged people to research surgeons well before allowing them perform the surgeries.Katie Price plastic sugery breast implants before and after 3
According to Katie Price, “I had my first breast augmentation as a teenager and became a glamour model. I was earning £5,000 a month, but I just never believed I was good-looking enough,’
Below are some of the surgeries undergone by Katie Price; Plastic Surgery Cost

Breast enhancement
This is the procedure that Katie Price is popular for. Katie’s most recent surgery took place in 2012, when she took her breast up to a 32F cup size. Katie had her first breast augmentation at the age of 19.

Katie Price plastic sugery breast implants before and after

Breast reduction
This breast reduction surgery supposedly took place after in the year 2007. Katie Price had a breast reduction which took her cup size down to a 32D.

Katie Price plastic sugery breast implants before and after 2

Rhinoplasty is the medical term for a nose job. Katie Price had a rhinoplasty in the year 2007. Though there might be differing opinions as to whether or not the surgery was a full one, Katie went ahead to claim the nose job was not a full nose job and was just shaving of the bone. Her nose job is reasoned to have cost a whopping 36, 000 pounds.

Katie Price plastic sugery breast implants before and after 4

Katie Price had Botox injected into certain parts of her face to make them look fresher, younger and wrinkle free. Unlike the other surgeries, for example, boob job, it does not last forever and needs one topping it if one desires to maintain its effects.

Katie Price plastic sugery breast implants before and after botox

Katie Price has had liposuction to take off fat from her bottom and legs and has apparently made experiments with a few diverse procedures with the aim of achieving the best result. The most recent, Katie tried non – surgical liposuction. In this procedure, the excess fat is melted and liquefied with the use of ultrasonic, injections and lasers of chemical agents.

Katie Price plastic sugery liposuction

Cosmetic dental works
Katie Price has also had porcelain veneers added to her teeth with the aim of making them whiter and to cause her smile to be more striking. This is probably the simplest procedure she has ever had.

Katie Price plastic sugery dental work