February 25, 2021

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Confirmed by Plastic Surgeons! (Before and After Photos)

Although never admitted she has taken plastic surgery proceudres. Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery has been confirmed by many plastic surgeons! You can also check about Kim Kardashian plastic surgery before and after photos (shocking!) here! Kim seems not willing to admit about her plastic surgery. She just said on Keeping Up With The Kardashians that she only tried botox injections and skin firming laser treatment (Fraxel). Kim also said she wanted to get boob job after kids. But according to the resource, Kim Kardashian has far more than ‘a few procedures’ done and she has acturally has had breast implants procedures done, for a number of times.

Kim Kardashian plastic surgery – botox injection

Kim Kardashian’s botox injections have been confirmed by a friend near Kim. It seems Kim Kardashian was more than ‘try out botox’ and she actually takes botox on a more frequent basis.

“Kim was getting Botox every couple months when she was 20 and 21,” – resource near Kim revealed to OK magazine

Kim Kardashian plastic surgery – nose job

Kim Kardashian’s nose job has been confirmed by a Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Douglas Taranow.


“Kim’s nose is much thinner than in earlier photos, leading me to believe she has had it altered.”

Kim Kardashian plastic surgery: breast implants

Kim Kardashian’s friends also revealed she has boob job done, for 2 times.

“She did some breast augmentation procedure, and I think she did it a second time as well,” – insider

Kim Kardashian butt implants

Kim Kardashian’s butt implants have been proved by plastic surgeons based on the following facts


  • Very few women have such smooth big butt after pregnancy
  • Most women had stretch marks, saggy skin, cellulite and weight gain because gravity and pregnancy take their toll
  • Even for weight gain, no one just gain weight in their buttocks
  • Sagging skin would make the butt look different and may needed lifting surgery to get smooth look

From Kim Kardashian butt implants

Dr. Patricia Farrell, the Clinical psychologist thought those plastic surgery procedures are obvious.

 “It’s self-deception at its very worst. They are obsessed with youth and beauty and will do whatever it takes to achieve the look they seek. They fail to see that, at some point, it’s obvious.”

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