October 23, 2020

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery During Pregnancy? Lip Injection or Swollen? (Before and After Photos)

If Kim Kardashian has undertaken plastic surgery procedures during pregnancy? The rumor raised when her lips spotted much fuller than ever during pregnancy! Back to May 21, she posted on Instagram her swollen lip and said: “My pregnancy lips are outta control #I Guess Not A Bad Problem To Have.” If this is because lip injection or swollen? Seems many magazines more prone to the former estimation and they would rather believe it as the result of lip injections!

If you compare of Kim Kardashian’s before pregnancy photo (below, left) and after photos (below, right), you will see her lip fuller and sexier than ever! Hollywood life published an article and said it might because of her plastic surgery. This is not hard to understand,because of the following reasons

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery During Pregnancy Lip Injection or Swollen Before and After Photos 2

  • Kim Kardashian always rejected her plastic surgery but her plastic surgery have been proved by plastic surgeons and doctors, read further here Kim Kardashian plastic surgery (before and after photos revealed)
  • Kim was always bold to try out different plastic surgery procedures such as red blood facial.
  • Her lip so fuller and sexier during pregnancy

But I can see there’re 3 reasons the media neglected but have strong proofs

  • Kim Kardashian’s lip swollen disappeared after given birth to North West (below, right), so it’s very possible the swollen lips caused by pregnancy, as the lip injection can’t cease so quickly within months

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery During Pregnancy Lip Injection or Swollen Before and After Photos 3

  • It’s common sense that pregnant women got swollen all over the body especially for Kim as you can see her swollen feet. The lip tissue are soft tissue, just like eyelid tissue, easy to present swollen.
  • No sane doctors would do such plastic surgery during pregnancy!

So I can say Kim Kardashian’s swollen lip was 99% because of pregnancy, not plastic surgrey!