January 28, 2021

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Harmful to Baby? Plastic Surgeons Said Avoid to Do it!

Kim Kardashian plastic surgery before and after photos have revealed that she has done a lot of plastic surgery, but she seems to have gone too far as Kim refused to stop plastic surgery such as lip injection and botox during pregnancy, according to Hollywoodlife.

Kim Kardashian Plastic Surgery Harmful to Baby Plastic Surgeons Said Avoid Do it

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Kim Kardashian plastic surgery harmful to baby? Answers are given by the top doctors!
Dr. Paul J. Carniol,  certified plastic surgeon said we do not treat them with botox or fillers during pregnancy!

“Fillers and Botox have not been studied in pregnant women, therefore, their safety for pregnant women has not been demonstrated. In general, they are not recommended for pregnant women… and we do not treat them with botox or fillers” – Paul J. Carniol

He explained it’s more risky than the other common surgery because pregnancy decreased immune system thus the post-surgery infection increased, the risk of  anesthesia, fetal monitoring also increased.

So next time when you are pregnancy and any plastic surgeon agreed to do botox or fillers for you, keep a close eye on him if he is truly qualified or certificated plastic surgeon!

He also said though self-tanners are harmless, but tanning beds have been proved to harm pregnant women and increased the risk of causing skin cancer! He also said having a  body temperature above 102 degrees F, would  increase the risk of having spinal malformations in developing babies.

He also said that pregnant women had little chance to be approved to do the plastic surgery now

Plastic surgery during pregnancy is not advised. Not only will plastic surgeons refuse to operate on pregnant patients, hospitals test for pregnancy in female patients prior to surgery, so there is no way to sneak the pregnancy past the doctor.

Dr. Theodore Diktaban said: wait a few months!

Dr. Theodore Diktaban, MD said it’s ridiculous to say one can do plastic surgery during pregnancy because there’s no record for accidents happened and he raised an example to explain,

” In Germany, women started taking Thalidomide and children started being born without limbs.”

He also said what he would do if his wife wanted to do plastic surgery during pregnancy,

If my wife was pregnant, I’d say wait a few months. Light facials and regular manicures are fine, but anything with chemicals that can be inhaled or ingested, I’d say wait.

Dr. Daniel Roshan said: spray tanning, lip injections, etc. should be avoided!

“… no product should be used unless there is a good indication for it…spray tanning, lip injections, etc. should be avoided. Overall, we tell patients not to do anything that isn’t important or medically necessary during pregnancy. Cosmetic procedures can wait.”

So overall, doctors have given the pregnancy moms the advice that: avoid doing plastic surgery and just wait for a few months!