January 28, 2021

Kim Kardashian Super Fan, Jordan James Parke’s Plastic Surgery Before and After

Check out Jordan James Parke’s plastic surgery before and after photos below!Kim Kardashian Super Fan, Jordan James Parke's Plastic Surgery Before and After

She is always on the front cover of top magazines every month, she runs her own reality show, has her make-up and clothing brands and rakes in millions of dollars. No wonder 23 year old Jordan James Parke does everything in his power to look like Kim Kardashian!

Jordan James Parke has used up to $150,000 just for plastic surgery and procedures to keep up with Kim Kardashian.Kim Kardashian Super Fan, Jordan James Parke's Plastic Surgery Before and After 3

23 year old Jordan james Parke has had more than 50 cosmetic procedures and they include,lip injections, dental work, face lifts, laser hair removals, botox, e.t.c.

To aim to look like Kim Kardashian might not seem like a big deal to some. After all, the reality star has millions of fans. But Jordan Parke is obviously a very rare exception.

Listed below are some surgeries Jordan Parke had in his quest to keep up with the Kardashian.Kim Kardashian Super Fan, Jordan James Parke's Plastic Surgery Before and After 5

Face Lift:

One of the types of facelift underwent by Jordan James Parke is the coronal brow lift. It is a type of face lift which was done on the upper zone of his face. Parke also had a mid facelift which was done on the mid area of his face. The mid facelift procedure helped in tightening the underlying tissues of his face, eradicating some wrinkles he had. The other facelift Jordan Parke had done was a lower facelift. This was done on his upper neck cheeks, and the jaw line. It helped in removing the loose skin around his neck area and jaw line.

Jordan James Parke also had an eyelid surgery. This helped in the tightening of his skin around his lower lids. It also included improving his upper lids in order to ensure that his eyes look “attractive”.

Kim Kardashian Super Fan, Jordan James Parke's Plastic Surgery Before and After 6

Lip Injection:

Jordan Parke had lip injections with fillers like Juvederm or perhaps Restylane. One of the mentioned fillers was injected directly into his lip tissue which made his lips look fuller than normal.


The botulinum toxin is normally a crystalline substance and in order to inject it into the body, the botuminum toxin must be added to a liquid, which is usually saline.
It takes between 4 and 9 days to start seeing the effects of the botox injections. Very deep lines across the forehead did not disappear completely on James Jordan Parke, but they were reduced. Faint lines across his forehead and around his eyes were almost nvisible once the botox started taking effects. Botox treatment normally cost between three hundred dollars to five hundred dollars.

Laser Hair removal:

Laser hair removal worked best for Parke whose hair color is darker than his skin color. Laser hair removal procedures make use of laser light to uproot unwanted hair.

Skin and Hair color nature are the key factors that determine how successful laser hair removal procedure will be. Laser hair removal is usually perfect on individuals with light skin and dark hair (auburn or black).
Parke remains unconcerned about the multiple reactions from people towards his appearance.

“I love all the attention and the stares I get in the street. I welcome the hate – it just means more attention. And if anything, it just spurs me on to get more work done.” Jordan James Parke says