October 23, 2020

Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos: Silicone injections, Fat injections, Neck Lift and Chin Surgery

Kim Novak’s extreme plastic surgery brought her into spotlight again after 86th Annual Academy Awards! Everyone suddenly found Kim Novak had a completely different face due to extreme plastic surgery when she present 2 awards! Her chin was much bigger than before and it became difficult for her to just move her mouth! Later plastic surgeons confirmed Kim Novak’s plastic surgery and said she has taken extreme plastic surgery procedures including silicone injections, fat injections and chin Surgery. Just check Kim Novak’s plastic surgery before and after photos below.Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos Silicone injections, Fat injections and Chin Surgery

Kim Novak Plastic Surgery: Silicone injections and fat injections

When you search of “Kim Novak photos” in search engines. You will find that Kim Novak was a true beauty in the 50s. Then suddenly you will find some current horrible photos showing her swollen and fake face. Instead of aging gracefully, she has chosen to take facial fillers such as Juvaderm. According to Hollywood life, Kim’s facial injections have been confirmed by plastic surgeon, the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Brent Moelleken and the certified plastic surgeon Adam Schaffne.

“It’s sad. Ms. Novak has apparently had silicone injections or overaggressive fat injections to her face,” “Hopefully she was just overjealous with those, and didn’t have fillers like silicone or ArteFill, which never go away, unfortunately.

“It depends on the volume of the fillers. It could definitely be swelling, if it’s a recent injection,” – Adam Schaffne.

Kim Novak Plastic Surgery: chin surgery and neck lift

It appears that Kim Novak has taken the other plastic surgery procedures such as neck lift and chin surgery. The photo below (left) was taken in 2013 and you can notice her neck is free of wrinkles. This is nearly impossible for a female of 80 years old! The only reason for her smooth neck is neck lift surgery.

Kim also did chin surgery such as chin implants. Her chin used to be small and pretty, now her masculine chin is much larger. Her chin surgery has been confirmed by plastic surgeons.

“There’s a lot of different thing she could have done,” “The angulation of her chin, the size of her chin is notable different. I would suspect that she’s had some sort of chin treatment.” –  Plastic surgeon Adam

Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos Silicone injections, Fat injections and Chin Surgery 2