August 4, 2020

Kristen Stewart Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos: Breast Implants, Nose Job and Chronic Bitchface Correction


Kristen Stewart has done Plastic Surgery at her early age, this is not only because of the pressure and trend from hollywood celebrities, but also because Kristen Stewart’s birth defect that not able to smile. Besides the birth defect, Kristen Stewart was also rumored to have taken plastic surgery including breast augmentation and nose job. Let’s just look further of the strong proofs below: Kristen Stewart Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos!

Kristen Stewart’s Chronic Bitchface Correction

Kristen Stewart had Chronic Bitchface, which is a birth defect. According to doctors  “The girl just could not smile. It looked like she ate a fart.”. Fortunately, her birth defect was corrected by Surgeon Dr. Aristotle Wang

“It’s what we in the plastics world like to call chronic bitchface,” – Aristotle Wang

Kristen Stewart’s procedure aimed to make subtle adjustments to her underlying musculature and reconnect nerves of Stewart’s cheeks, mouth and chin.

“Now her lips turn up at the corners,””In the operating room, one of my guys actually shrieked. He thought her mouth was full of maggots. But it turns out, she just has teeth.” – Dr. Wang

Kristen Stewart Chronic Bitchface Correction before and after photos


Kristen Stewart plastic surgery – nose job

Kristen Stewart has nose job done at an early age. Her nose was much larger and from the photos below, you can easily find her nose refined to look more thinner and oblique, her nostrils inserted.

It’s certain that Kristen had done nose job before 15s because her nose looked well-fixed when she was just at her 15s in Zathura.

Kristen Stewart nose job before and after photos

Kristen Stewart plastic surgery – breat augmentation

Kristen Stewart’s breast implants were rumored when Kristens appeared at the Comic Convention in San Diego with a much larger size seems from A cup to Large B cup. Although at that time more than 70% readers thought her breast enlargement was the result of the state-of-the-art bra. Most of the plastic surgeons believed that she has done breast implants surgery and her close friends also suggested she has done plastic surgery to change her breast size.

  • “Her small chest has been a source of unhappiness for Kristen. But now she doesn’t feel the ned to hide anymore. She finally has the body she’s always wanted.” –  Kristen’s friend
  • “It’s a 99% certainty that she has had augmentation,”  – Top medical professional Dr. Barry M. Rose revealed to HollywoodLife.
  • The shape and volume of her breasts in the new photo would indicate the overwhelming probability that she has undergone breast augmentation.  – plastic surgeon
  • Based on the size and shape of her larger breasts, breast augmentation is more likely.  – New York City-based plastic surgeon Dr. Adam Schaffner

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