February 26, 2021

Kyle Richards Plastic Surgery before and after Pictures: Nose job, Liposuction, Tummy Tuck

Kyle Richards, the famous star from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has come out in the open talking about her tummy tuck and liposuction she underwent recently. She was seen talking about her experiments with plastic surgery on the reality TV show Secrets Revealed. She was frank when she told the audience about her insecurity as a mother of four about her looks, specially the love handles that she had developed around her tummy.

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Kyle Richards nose job

Internet is abuzz with searches related to Kyle Richards plastic surgery before and after as her fans want to know if it is indeed true that the 44 year old real housewife of Beverly Hills has undergone plastic surgery. The ravishing actress has nothing to hide under the carpets as she has herself come out openly about her experiments with plastic surgery. She said that she did whatever there was to do to get rid of her love handles, but after the birth of 4 kids, it was simply impossible to drive them away.

kyle richards plastic surgery

Kyle Richards nose job, liposuction

Kyle Richards says that she has always had problems with her body fat and she could never starve herself to get that perfect hourglass figure. This 5’2” curvy mom of four says that she wanted to wear jeans with tucked in shirts like other ladies without being too conscious about her fat around her tummy. She even talked about her nose job and said that she was always troubled by her nose and after going under the knife, she is happy with the results. Kyle Richards nose job has been under the scanner with her before and after pictures splashed all over the internet these days. See for yourself and decide if this mother of 4 really looks 44 or half her age.

Kyle Richards nose job before and after, any difference?


kyle richards nose job before and after

Kyle Richards butt job before and after, seems more obvious.

kyle richards butt job before and after

Anyhow, she looks gorgeous now!


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Kyle Richards Plastic Surgery: Liposuction and Nose Job Before and After (PHOTOS)